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Information about manufacturer - KONG

KONG is a product line of toys for dogs and cats. They have been produced since 1976. Kong Company was established by Joe Markham in Colorado. Toys by the brand are a unique combination of high quality, original design and good.

KONG Products

For dogs the company produces the following product categories:

  • AirDog. It is a combination of two traditional toys - a ball and a squeaker. The products are perfect for playing “Fetch-game”. Unlike classic balls these toys are made of non-abrasive felt and that's why they don’t do any harm to the dog’s teeth.
  • Interactive toys. The given category is represented by bright goods which start to jump when rebound from the obstacle. Dogs are fond of it. The squeaker doesn’t break down even if the framework of the product is punctured. The category also has toys which can be filled with treats.
  • Products for grooming and rehabilitation after serious diseases. You can buy qualitative brush which will effectively remove lost hair and stimulate oil gland and capillary functions. If your pet is rehabilitated after a serious disease or trauma, a special air cushioned collar will be very useful for it. The product creates a relaxing comfort for the animal, gives it enough freedom of movement and doesn’t disturb it during the process of eating or drinking.
  • Treats. You can indulge your dog with these fragrant delicacies at any time of the day. Having filled Kong toy with them, you’ll make its game more joyful and let it enjoy an excellent taste.
  • Plush toys. The given category is represented by products in the shape of balls, dumbbells, bones, various animals and birds. They all are soft, but strong.
  • Rubber toys. Products of the category are made of durable and elastic rubber the composition of which is protected by the patent. The product range has balls which can be filled with treats, toys with grooves which clean the dog’s teeth when chewing it and many other original goods.
  • Wubba. Among these goods you can choose toys which fulfill different functions. For example, if you want your pet to play indoors, but not to disturb you with the noise, buy it Wubba without a squeaker. If you pay your special attention to the dental hygiene of your pet, have a look at the toy with a knot made of cotton cord. It cleans the dog’s teeth when chewing it.

Kong also offers a great number of funny and useful products for cats.

  • Educational toys. These products satisfy the cat’s natural demand for hunting. Toys have high quality catmint which attracts animals.
  • Products for hair care. You can buy a brush which comb out lost hair and massage the animal’s skin at the same time. Soft massage calms down the cat which is stressful, for example, when visiting a vet.
  • Toys for filling with catmint. Cats are fond of the scent the plant gives off. Such toys can be used to train the animal to use a cat scratcher, for example. When the catmint begins to lose its smell, you can just add a little of fresh one.
  • Wubba. These products arouse cat hunting instincts.
  • Kickeroo. The cat can attack, tear and hug such a toy. Its additional advantage is the scent of catmint.
  • KONG Botanicals. The infusions have qualitative North American catmint together with other aromatic herbs. Such an irresistible combination doesn’t allow your cat to stay indifferent. You can spray the toy with the product and keep the rest of it in the fridge.
  • Treat dispensers. Such products stimulates the cat’s activity. The animal will chase and catch the toy with great pleasure.
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    In our website you can place an order for toys by one of the most well-known and reliable brands. We’ve set very reasonable prices on them. With the money you can save you can buy plenty of pleasant gifts for your pet.

    To place an order, have a look at our product range, put the chosen toy into the cart and fill in several lines with the necessary information. All these things will take you very little time. You can return to your personal affairs and we’ll ship your purchase in no time. If you can’t decide what toy will be perfect for your pet, just ask our customer support service for advice.

    Kong toys develop animal and help them to become happy. Place an order today for your pet to get your funny and useful gift as soon as possible.

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