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Information about manufacturer - Kiepenkerl

The brand Kiepenkerl belongs to the German company Bruno Nebelung GmbH, which has been working for more than 90 years. High quality of its products is the result of combination of innovations and traditions. The seed mixes for pastures are produced under the trademark Kiepenkerl. With the help of them you can grow perennial grasses that will suit the taste of your horses and will do them a lot of good. Most of the seeds contain ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, fescue grass, timothy grass.

Kiepenkerl products

  • COUNTRY Horse 2117 Neuanlage Pferdegreen. The product will suit even pastures with heavy stocking density.
  • COUNTRY Horse 2118 Nachsaat Pferdegreen. The mix should be used for undersowing pastures. Its peculiarity is the increased content of ryegrass seeds, which sprout very quickly.
  • COUNTRY Horse 2119 Gourmet. Meadow fescue makes up the main part of the composition of the product. The grass is ideal for producing hay or silage.
  • COUNTRY Horse 2120 Balance. Grass with a lower amount of fructans grows from this mix. The risk of developing laminitis is reduced for horses which get such nutrition. You can use the grass not only for pasturage but for producing hay and silage.
  • COUNTRY Horse 2122 Krautermenu. The mix consists of seeds of native grasses. They are an excellent addition to common pasture plants, since they have a beneficial effect on the health of horses.
  • COUNTRY Oko 2217 Pferdegreen Nature. The composition of the mix includes ryegrass seeds which sprout evenly and withstand the trampling down well.
Advantages of Kiepenkerl products

With the help of the mixes it is possible to grow grass that is perfectly suitable for pastures. For example, ryegrass withstands trampling down and soil compaction well, spring and autumn freezing. It can grow in any types of soil except humid one. Soon after sowing the grass sprouts evenly on the whole surface soil and thus it prevents the upper level from drying out.

Kentucky bluegrass is resistant to various diseases and temperature drops, withstands trampling down quite well. Fescue grass is eaten up very well and grows again rather quickly. It is a good source of protein for horses.

Herd grass is also eaten up quite well, reverts pretty quickly after haying and pasturage. The plant is undemanding to the kind of soil.

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With us you can buy high quality pasture mixes at reasonable prices. We try to make the process of buying as simple and comfortable as possible for you. User-friendly website design and useful information which the description of each product has, will help you to make the choice quite quickly. You need only a few minutes for order placement. Simply look through the Kiepenkerl products represented in the catalogue, choose the right mix, add it to the cart and leave the information that is necessary for us to deliver your purchase.

If you need a hint, our consultants will be happy to help you. They will give you an advice about the selection of the Kiepenkerl products, help you with an order placement and answer all of your questions.

Jump at the opportunity to buy pasture mixes quickly and at an attractive price. Place an order right now!

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