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Kattovit Feline Diet

Information about manufacturer - Kattovit Feline Diet

The German company Finnern is the founder of the brand Kattovit. It was founded by Roswitha and Joachim Finnern in 1993. Special dietary nutrition by Kattovit helps cats to overcome health problems.

Kattovit products

  • For lower urinary tracts. The category includes products with the help of which it is possible to prevent the formation of bladder stones. DL-methionine and calcium sulfate decrease the pH-level in the urine. It reduces the risk of bacterial growth. Feed has a low amount of magnesium which is a component of the most common type of bladder stones.
  • For kidneys. The category is represented by feeds with low amount of protein. Due to this feature the stress on the pet’s kidneys is decreased. Feeds contains nutrients of non-animal origin and that is why the cat will get sufficient amount of energy. Potassium citrate in the product composition prevents the formation of kidney stones.
  • For digestive system. Kattovit provides soft hypoallergenic nutrition for cats with various types of problems, for example with impairment of pancreas or acute bowel disorders. The products are easily digestible.
  • During allergic reactions. Products that belong to this category are suitable for cats which have skin or digestion problems due to their food intolerance. The reason for such reactions is specific protein sources and types of cereals. Special foods by Kattovit contains proteins that are easily digestible. In addition to this they do not contain gluten.
  • For cats with diabetes. The feeds do not contain sugar. Furthermore, the products have low amount of fats and calories. It takes quite a while for the foods to be digested. This peculiarity helps to prevent the fluctuations of sugar in the blood. The foods also perfectly suit overweight cats.
  • For cats with increased energy demand. This easily digestible food with high calorific value is irreplaceable if the animal underwent an operation, has bad appetite or is underweight.
Advantages of Kattovit products

These foods are a full-fledged alternative to dietary products which you can only get at vet’s. Kattovit products have a wonderful taste and that is why cats get addicted to it pretty soon. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that cats need. As a result your pet will get a well-balanced nutrition. Taurine in the composition of the foods is beneficial for the heart condition and eyesight.

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