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Information about manufacturer - Iams

The brand Iams has been working since 1946. Its founder is Paul F. Iams. In Europe these well-known foods for cats are produced by the company spectrum brands while in the rest of the world - by Mars.

Iams team initially began to keep up with innovative technologies. For example, it was the first to regard cats as predators. Before that pets were fed with homemade food, often with leftovers. People didn’t think that such a diet couldn’t meet natural requirements of dogs and cats. The company Iams was also the first to start the production of pet food for animals of different ages. Products of the brand belong to super premium class cat food.

Iams Products

Under the trademark the company produces dry and wet foods as well as treats. You can choose products for cubs, grown-up and old animals. Iams also offers cat foods with the help of which it’s possible to control the pet’s weight. For cats there are products which help to get rid animals of various health problems. For example, you can buy foods for excretion of hairballs, for pets with a sensitive stomach, with kidney problems and other diseases.

Advantages of Iams Products

Iams team thoroughly controls the product quality. From the beginning of the production process to the yield of the final product there are more than 100 tests.

In Iams foods there are no artificial preservatives and other harmful additives. High quality ingredients and unique recipes guarantee that your pet will get only tasty and useful nutrition.

  • The cat food components support digestive system health.
  • Together with foods by Iams the animal will get enough energy for active lifestyle.
  • Fatty acids in the product composition have a positive effect on the skin and hair condition.
  • Qualitative proteins improves muscle tone.
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If you want to place an order for products of one of the most famous and reliable brands with included delivery, contact our online store. In the website Zoobio it’s very convenient to make a purchase which will make your pets happy. There is a wide range of Iams foods there.

We think that every pet should get wholesome food. That’s why we sell Iams foods at a low price. So, you won’t have to look for ways of saving your money. Iams in Zoobio is a real premium quality at a very reasonable price. Besides, we help to choose a suitable product and deliver all the purchases in the shortest time. Make a purchase right now and your pet will appreciate all its advantages.

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