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Horse equipment

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Horse accessories for you and your horse

People who would like to own a horse should not only have enough space, be familiar with the care and feed of horses and know how to ride, but they also should be equipped with the optimal horse accessories. The people that are perfectly equipped can enjoy life together with their horse to the fullest. The assortment at Zoobio offers many products regarding accessories for horses. These are all produced by manufacturers with first-class quality, flawless finishing and high-quality materials at inexpensive prices and with longevity. This way, you can use and enjoy your accessories for your horse for a very long time.

Horse accessories at Zoobio

Horse accessories are needed in various situations. Whether robust and safe lead ropes and different sized halters made of various materials for leading your horse or special horse bandages for strengthening the joints, the individual products should be specifically manufactured for the use with and on the horse. For the protection of the saddle from sweat and dirt you should always use a blanket while riding. This blanket obviously also protects your horse and offers you and him a high comfort. Furthermore, there are special outdoor horse blankets which warm your horse at low temperatures as well as headbands which protect the eyes from the mane.

Halters and Rope Leads for Horses

A perfectly sitting halter and a reliable rope lead are part of the basic equipment for owning a horse, and offer you and your animal comfort and security.

It is important that these products are high-quality so that you can keep control of your pet in all situations. The closure of the halter should be of a good quality, close tightly and not bother your horse when wearing it. With the right halter and rope lead for a horse you can quickly bring your horse to its pen, lead it to its stall or tie it up securely and easily. Individual rope leads and halters are excellent for basic training, and always deliver what they promise.

Order Rope Leads and Halters for Horses from Zoobio

Looking for the right halter and rope lead? Then you are in the right place at Zoobio. You will find a large selection of different models from top brands. While the halter should be made of sturdy material, the size should be able to be adjusted individually and the closure should sit securely in place, the rope should be stable and robust. It cannot break if your horse panics and runs. In Zoobio’s online shop you will find especially secure double braided rope leads. They feel excellent in your hand, and are fitted with a panic hook which has a special locking technique that can only be released by hand. The individual halters differ in size, as well as the width and colour, so you can find the right halter from small ponies up to large horse breeds. If you like to have a matching halter and rope, then the sets are the right choice for you.

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