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Cleaning equipment for horses at great prices you will receive for your horse at the Zoobio horse shop. Horse grooming equipment and more high quality products Care & Hygiene Supplies from selected top manufacturers.

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Horse cleaning equipment

Grooming Equipment - Top quality products

The Right Cleaning Products for Your Horse

A well-stocked cleaning kit is standard for horse handlers, and is used several times a week. Because it’s not enough to only give your horse high quality and well-balanced feed, sufficient exercise and a high quality bridle, you should also take steps to keep the cleaning of your horse at a high standard. This is essential for the health of your horse. Cleaning mainly refers to cleaning its coat so that no dirt is on the bottom coat layer or accumulates on the skin of your pet. With the right equipment, you won’t only clean the horse’s coat, but also free the skin from dirt, grease and sweat so that they can breathe freely and recover from any injury.

Order Cleaning Products from Zoobio

Most horses love to be thoroughly cleaned.

It’s no wonder - cleaning massages the horse and removes dirt, and just feels great. Animals should not only be thoroughly cleaned before and after the ride so that the saddle doesn’t chafe, but also during. The cleaning kit should therefore be very well-equipped. Top brands offer horse cleaning products in exceptional quality at low prices. The individual brushes, combs and more have been designed to be robust and durable, and have been specially created for horse cleaning. A perfectly equipped cleaning kits consists of a curry comb, mane comb, a body brush, scrubbing brushes and hoof picks. Of course each in varying stiffness. In Zoobio’s online shop you will find cleaning products in different designs and stiffnesses, but also practical cleaning sets with basic equipment - all of which can be ordered at low prices.

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