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Happy Dog NaturCroq Adult Balance 1 kg

  • For dogs with normal to slightly increased energy requirements
  • Varied croquette mix with cottage cheese
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  • Poultry & Fish
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NaturCroq Adult Balance 1 kg

This easily digestible croquette mixture offers a very special taste experience. Cottage cheese and special yeast extracts also have a positive effect on the digestion and bowel function. So Natur Croq Balance dry food can be fed to sensitive dogs without any problems. Due to its slightly increased energy content, Natur Croq Balance is ideally suited to active dogs engaged in agility, sport and play activities.

Happy Dog NaturCroq Adult Balance packaging sizes:
  • NaturCroq Adult Balance 1 kg
  • NaturCroq Adult Balance 15 kg
  • NaturCroq Adult Balance 4 kg

Features of Happy Dog dry dog food

This food does not contain any colouring, preservative, flavouring agents and GM foods. The highest quality guarantee of every product is a strict independent control. Moreover, foods of the brand aren’t tested on animals.

  • Composition
Apple remnants  (0.8%) Dried apple remnants  (0.8%) Cottage cheese  (0.3%) Brewer's yeast  (0.1%) Dried carrots  (0.1%) Yeast  (0.1%) Carrot  (0.1%) Spinach  (0.08%) Lucerne  (0.08%) Dried lucerne  (0.08%)
Biotin is the vitamin promoting production of hemoglobin in an organism of a dog.Biotin: Learn more
 (350 µg)
Zinc is an important mineral which is a part of qualitative vitamin supplements and drugs.Zinc: Learn more
 (80 mg)
Zinc as zinc oxide  (80 mg) Iron as iron(II) sulphate, monohydrate  (80 mg) Tocopherol acetate  (60 mg) Vitamin E
Vitamin E is one of the most necessary elements for the correct development of a dog.Vitamin E: Learn more
 (60 mg)
Vitamin B12
B12 vitamin is one of the few elements that collects in an organism of a dog.Vitamin B12 : Learn more
Nicotinic acid
The lack of nicotinic acid of an organism of a dog provokes failures in work of the nervous and alimentary system.Nicotinic acid: Learn more
 (45 mg)
Manganese is an important trace substance that contains in all tissues and organs.Manganese: Learn more
 (12 mg)
Manganese as Manganese(II) oxide  (12 mg) Calcium-pantothenate  (10 mg) Copper as copper(II) sulfate, pentahydrate  (8 mg) Copper
Copper is an important trace substance, its lack can harmfully affect a condition of an organism of the pet and cause the following:

- anemias;

- defects of bones and their slowed-down growth;

- heart failure;

- depression of reproductive potential.Copper: Learn more

 (8 mg)
Vitamin B2
B2 vitamin is an important and necessary element of a ration of each dog.Vitamin B2: Learn more
 (6 mg)
Vitamin B1
B1 vitamin is essential for the correct process of a metabolism.Vitamin B1: Learn more
 (4 mg)
Vitamin B6
B6 vitamin or pyridoxine is irreplaceable for the correct functioning of immune and nervous systems of the pet.Vitamin B6: Learn more
 (3 mg)
Vitamin A
Vitamin A and beta carotene contribute to normalization of a set of processes in an organism of a dog:

- increase fastness to viruses and infections; - accelerate process of growth and development; - improve sight, motility and coordination.Vitamin A: Learn more

 (10250 I.E.)
Vitamin D3
D3 vitamin in an organism of a dog carries out the following functions: - accelerates an absorption of phosphorus and a calcium from an intestine; - regulates process of removal of phosphorus and calcium through kidneys; - provides the optimum content of phosphorus and calcium in bones.Vitamin D3: Learn more
 (1000 I.E.)
Calcium iodate anhydrous  (1.5 mg) Iodine
Iiodine compounds are formed and collect in a thyroid gland.Iodine: Learn more
 (1.5 mg)
Selenium as sodium selenite  (0.1 mg) Selenium
Therapeutic properties of selenium were discovered not so long ago.Selenium: Learn more
 (0.1 mg)
Fish meal Meat meal Poultry fat Beef fat wheat flour Beet pulp mixed with molasses Liver hydrolyzate Whole grain barley Sodium chloride
Sodium and chlorine take part in maintenance of osmotic and acid-base balance.Sodium chloride: Learn more
Oat flour Rice flour Corn flour Wholegrain corn Whole grain wheat Poultry meal
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 23%
Crude fat 10%
Crude ash 6%
Crude fiber 3%
Calcium 1.4%
Phosphorus 0.9%
Potassium 0.45%
Natrium 0.35%

Suitable for Dog breeds

All dog breeds
Feeding recommendations

Weight of dog  

Daily requirement 

2 kg 45 g
3.5 kg 70 g
5 kg 100 g
7.5 kg 140 g
10 kg 180 g
15 kg 245 g
20 kg 310 g
25 kg 345 g
35 kg 415 g
40 kg 460 g
45 kg 495 g
50 kg 545 g
60 kg 630 g
70 kg 700 g
80 kg 770 g

Nutrition advice

NaturCroq Adult Balance is Adult Dry dog food Food for adult dogs. Dry dog food is recommended for all breeds.

Please pay attention to your dog's daily ration of the recommended food to get the ideal weight gain of your dog and prevent overweight. Your dog should always have an access to fresh water.

The balanced dog food has to contain all nutritious elements necessary for healthy development of pets.
Organic substances — fats, proteins and carbohydrates — are necessary for energy development.
In addition, they participate in the hemopoietic processes, and also regulate work of some organs.

Recommendations on daily protein and fat intake for dogs:

Recommendations on daily protein and fat intake for dogs


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