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Happy Cat

Information about manufacturer - Happy Cat

The brand Happy Cat belongs to the German company Interquell. Since XVIII century it has made a long way from a mill near the river Singold to the manufacturer of pet feed which is popular in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. However, even today the company keeps family traditions of quality.

Happy Cat is well-balanced cat products enriched with high quality protein. They all are made in the factory in Bavaria.

Happy Cat Products

  • Dry feeds for young animals. Happy Cat Supreme Junior is a product which is made for kittens of 5-12 months old. It is made of high quality rabbit meat, poultry and salmon according to the unique recipe. Happy Cat Supreme Junior Sensitive Grainfree is a wonderful product for kittens which have grains intolerance. Its base is tasty poultry meat and easily digestible potatoes.
  • Dry foods for grown-up cats. Happy Cat offers a wide range of various tastes for your pet including duck, Alpine beef, range lamb, venison and sea fish. You can choose food for cats with special needs, for example, for neutered ones, for ones with sensitive stomachs or for those who always live indoors.
  • Dry foods for old cats. It contains easily digestible protein which doesn’t create any burden on the aging body. The food composition includes poultry, lamb and salmon.
  • Tinned products. The category has high quality products for cats of all breeds and with any needs. Happy Cat offers tastes which take every animal’s fancy: rabbit with turkey, lamb with turkey, duck with chicken and turkey with chicken.
  • Pastes. You can treat your beloved pet with unbelievable soft products. The product line surprises with its variety of tastes among which there is chicken, turkey, beef and rabbit. Happy Cat Pastes are suitable for grown-up cats of any breed.
  • Soft pieces in pouches. You can put such a compact package in your bag and feed your pet if it’s necessary, for example, during a trip. The products of the line are notable for delicious tastes among which there are chicken with carrots, beef and liver with green peas, lamb and veal with green beans.
  • Treats. Appetite bits and biscuits aren’t only tasty, but good for your pet’s health. Their strong texture strengthens the cat’s gums and prevents plaque formation. You can offer your pet original tastes, for example, salmon and trout or chicken and cheese.
Advantages of Happy Cat products

They are useful for the pet’s skin, fur and teeth and prevent the formation of hairballs in the gastrointestinal tract. Cats like tastes of the foods very much.

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Zoobio offers you to buy products by the brand at a very attractive price. You can place an order for such food just in a few minutes. If you have any questions or difficulties making your choice, our online consultants will come to your help. We also guarantee you a rapid delivery. To let your pet appreciate all the advantages of Happy Cat Foods as soon as possible, make your purchase today.

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