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Information about manufacturer - Hanseaten-Naturprodukte

The German company Hanseaten Naturprodukte has been producing healthy food for birds and small pets more than for 25 years. Production takes place in Bremen. For its production perfect raw materials are used. Long experience of the company helps it to produce high quality products of premium class.

Production of Hanseaten Naturprodukte

  • Basic food. The company creates products practically for all small pets: rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, degu. Food consist of useful and tasty ingredients such as corn, carrots, peanut,lucerne and other vegetable components. Also Hanseaten Naturprodukte offers mixes for canaries, exotic birds, parrots, including large and wavy parrots. For production of these products the linseed, millet, sunflower seeds, raspberry, dog-rose are used. Vitamins and minerals are added to forages for small animals and birds.
  • Treats from grains, herbs, vegetables, fruit. Most often these treats are made in the form of sticks and rings. Dried vegetables, for example, vegetable marrows or carrots, can be given as snack or can be mixed with the basic food so it will become even more useful. Hanseaten Naturprodukte offers treats not only for small pets and decorative birds , but also for wild birds. The treat will become an excellent source of nutrients for birds and will help them to feel well in a cold season.
  • Pastries. These products strike with a variety of forms. For example, the company offers cookies,cakes, sweet tubes. Pastries contain spinach, carrots, calendula and other valuable vegetable ingredients.
  • Hay and straw. This fragrant treat will satisfy needs of your pet to gnaw and to chew something constantly. Teeth of a small animal will be in great condition, and at the same time the pet will not gain excess weight. Pay attention that hay is combined with dried flowers, for example, cornflowers, dandelions, roses which are an excellent source of cellulose.
  • Edible toys. Various tunnels, balls, lodges, towers enter this category. You at the same time present to the pet a treat and an opportunity to regale. Besides, edible toys are very nutritious and useful.
Advantages of  Hanseaten Naturprodukte production

The company uses raw materials from regions which are famous for good soils, and also abundance of solar heat and light. In such conditions plants receive from the nature all the best therefore bring to pets a huge benefit. Ingredients are carefully selected and most accurately processed by means of the modern equipment. The finished goods do not contain sugar and preservatives.

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