GranataPet Liebling's Mahlzeit PUR Poultry 400 g

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Beef Game Poultry
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Complete food for adult dogs.

GranataPet Liebling´s Mahlzeit Chicken Pure is a traditional and delicious, grain-free meat treat (single animal protein) for real meat lovers. The pomegranate seeds help to protect cells and strengthen the immune system. This meal also contains salmon oil with high-quality fatty acids and green-lipped mussels, which are naturally rich in the anti-arthritic ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin.

A traditional and tender meal, this Liebling´s Mahlzeit Pure offers a special taste sensation.

  • Produced in Germany
  • Fresh meaty preparation, gently steam-cooked just once
  • Without grains, gluten or soya
  • Without added sugar
  • Without artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings
  • With essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
GranataPet Liebling's Mahlzeit PUR Poultry packaging sizes:
  • Liebling's Mahlzeit PUR Beef 400 g, 800 g
  • Liebling's Mahlzeit PUR Venison 400 g, 800 g
  • Liebling's Mahlzeit PUR Poultry 400 g, 800 g
Poultry meat  (70% ) Pomegranate seeds  (1% ) Salmon oil  (0.5%) Green-lipped mussels  (0.1%)
Poultry muscle meat Poultry heart Poultry liver Poultry lung Poultry stomach Meat broth Minerals
The minerals, necessary for animals, are divided into two groups: major elements and trace substances.Minerals : Learn more
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is one of the most necessary elements for the correct development of a dog.Vitamin E: Learn more
 (30 mg)
Vitamin D3
D3 vitamin in an organism of a dog carries out the following functions: - accelerates an absorption of phosphorus and a calcium from an intestine; - regulates process of removal of phosphorus and calcium through kidneys; - provides the optimum content of phosphorus and calcium in bones.Vitamin D3: Learn more
 (200 I.E.)
Iiodine compounds are formed and collect in a thyroid gland.Iodine: Learn more
 (0.75 mg)
Manganese is an important trace substance that contains in all tissues and organs.Manganese: Learn more
 (3 mg)
Zinc is an important mineral which is a part of qualitative vitamin supplements and drugs.Zinc: Learn more
 (15 mg)
Therapeutic properties of selenium were discovered not so long ago.Selenium: Learn more
 (0.03 mg)
Biotin is the vitamin promoting production of hemoglobin in an organism of a dog.Biotin: Learn more
 (300 mcg)
Analytical Constituents
Crude fat 6.4%
Calcium 0.22%
Crude protein 10.8%
Crude ash 2.4%
Phosphorus 0.17%
Moisture 75%
Crude fiber 0.4%
Feeding recommendations
Current weight   Daily requirement (not very active)   Daily requirement (normally active)   Daily requirement (very active)
2 kg 85 g 100 g 115 g
5 kg 215 g 250 g 290 g
10 kg 344 g 400 g 460 g
20 kg 640 g 740 g 850 g
30 kg 850 g 990 g 1230 g
40 kg 1030 g 1200 g 1370 g
50 kg 1300 g 1500 g 1700 g
70 kg 1630 g 1900 g 2170 g

Nutrition advice

Liebling's Mahlzeit PUR Poultry is Every dog age Wet dog food for every age. Wet dog food is recommended for all breeds.

Please pay attention to your dog's daily ration of the recommended food to get the ideal weight gain of your dog and prevent overweight. Your dog should always have an access to fresh water.

The balanced dog food has to contain all nutritious elements necessary for healthy development of pets.
Organic substances — fats, proteins and carbohydrates — are necessary for energy development.
In addition, they participate in the hemopoietic processes, and also regulate work of some organs.

More about Dog feeding

Recommendations on daily protein and fat intake for dogs:

Recommendations on daily protein and fat intake for dogs

GranataPet Liebling's Mahlzeit PUR Poultry 400 g customer reviews

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Lots of fresh game meat! I suppose there is a real venison in the can. We've already tried to give many products from granatapet to my husky and this line with pure meat also buy from time to time. He's a hunter and guard our house like a real professional therefore he's worth having a quality food.
We are experts in german dog food manufactures, and granatapet is one of the most favorite. We trust the quality and my dogs appreciate the taste.

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