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Information about manufacturer - GranataPet

GranataPet dog and cat food is produced in the south of Germany, in Allgäu. These products are created with sincere care of well being to your pet. In approach of GranataPet to the food production you can see respect for the nature, peculiar to the Allgäu citizens. As a part of products, there are pomegranate stones which are a fine source of potassium, calcium, iron and other useful substances.

GranataPet products

  • Dry cat food. They does not contain grains, bone meal, protein substitutes. Due to the high content of meat and fish in the food, your cat will get food close to its natural diet. Cod-liver oil is good for eyesight and brain. Taurine maintains retinal and nervous tissue integrity, prevents heart diseases and miscarriages, promotes blood clotting.
  • Wet cat food. It is made of the freshest and gentle ingredients. The producer uses technologies which allow to keep useful properties of raw materials. This food contains no cereals, bone meal and substitutes of protein, but it has cod-liver oil and taurine.
  • Treats for cats. GranataPet offers tasty and useful products which will please your pet. Treats contain natural additives which influence an organism of a cat well , for example, support urinary system and prevent formation of hairballs in a digestive tract.
  • Dry dog food.Grain-free products with the high content of meat will bring huge benefit to your pet. They do not contain sugar, bone meal, soya.
  • Wet dog food. Specialists of GranataPet have developed a set of tasty food types with the high content of meat for your pet. These products do not contain grain therefore do not cause problems with digestion.
  • Treats for dogs. These treats will give you the chance to reward or just to indulge the pet. They are small, contain a set of useful substances and have excellent taste.
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