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Information about manufacturer - Golden

The Golden Grey trademark was registered in 2009 by the German company Pet-earth GmbH which is located in Petershagen. Under this brand clumping litter is manufactured. It is natural production of premium class.

Golden Grey products

  • Golden Grey. The bentonite litter with gentle aroma of children's powder perfectly absorbs moisture, removes unpleasant smell, does not form dust, does not stick to cat's paws.
  • Golden Grey Master. Feature of this litter are silica gel crystals. Because of them, smells are removed even quicker and more effectively. It is an ideal decision if there live several cats in the house or an entire male cat.
  • Golden Grey Odour. It is a product without perfume fragrances. Unpleasant smells are neutralized by biological absorbent. The litter prevents reproduction of microbes. Therefore even if litter be in a tray for a week, the cat will continue to use it.
  • Golden Pine. The litter contains the updated absorbent for neutralization of all unpleasant smells. It has light pine aroma and does not raise dust. It can be thrown out in the sewerage.
  • Golden White. This product consists of white clay and contains special blue grains thanks to which moisture is absorbed better, and smells are removed more effectively. As soon as moisture gets to the litter, there is a delicate aroma of lavender. Due to a small granulation, the product is especially pleasant for cat's paws.
Advantages of Golden Grey products

These litters are very economical. The matter is that you will need to delete only the formed lumps, but not to change all the litter in a tray. 14 kg of Golden Grey replace 42 kilograms of a usual litter. Products of this brand will allow you to forget about unpleasant aspects of keeping of an animal and just to enjoy communication with the pet.

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The Zoobio online store pleases buyers with a wide choice of quality pet products and the reasonable prices. You will be able to buy Golden Grey litter here in several clicks only. Study the catalog, choose an item and fill the application. We will answer any question and we will quickly deliver the litter.

Cats adore purity and comfort. Order Golden Grey — and your pet will be grateful to you.

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