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Information about manufacturer - GimPet

Gimpet trade mark is the various products for cats released by the German company Gimborn. It was based in 1855 by Heinrich von Gimborn. Gimpet are really appetizing delicacies which will bring notable benefit to the health of your cat.

Production of Gimpet

  • Sticks. This unusual treat will be pleasant even to a choosy cat. Sticks contain meat of  turkey, yeast, vitamins. The animal will chew this treat with the great pleasure.
  • Dairy products. Gimpet offers valuable addition to food of cats. The pudding, paste and other products are made of milk with the lowered content of lactose that reduces risk of problems with digestion. Substitute of maternal milk which can bring up or feed up kittens also belongs to this category.
  • Snacks. The most different treats enter this category: GimBits with yeast and fowl, trout or cheese; Zahn-Fit and Denta-Snaps with fibers of  Salvadora Persica for cleaning of teeth; Knusper-Fit with 12 important vitamins; Malt-Fit with natural malt which promotes natural removal of the swallowed wood; dried leaves of cat's mint; vitamin-rich flakes which can be mixed with wet food.
  • Special food for a stomach and intestines. The category has products with malt which contributes to natural transit of swallowed hair. Also Gimpet offers seeds from which it is possible to grow up grass. It will prevent formation of hairballs in a digestive tract of your pet.
  • Special food for skin and coat. The treats containing biotin belong to this category. The very substance makes the pet hair thick and shiny.
  • Special food with taurine. This substance is important for sight, heart, protective function of an organism. Often foods do not contain taurine in sufficient quantity, however it can come to an organism of your pet with tablets, milk and other products of Gimpet.
  • Functional food for health of teeth. You can offer to your cat treats which not only will be to the taste, but also will save the pet from problems with gums and dental plaque.
  • Vitamins. These feed additives support good health and health of adult cats and kittens.
  • Healthy feeding products. It is canned food, flakes, paste and other products of Gimpet that satisfy special needs of kittens: they are a good energy source, strengthen protective forces of an organism, promote the healthy growth of bones.
  • Additional products. Gimpet offers production which will facilitate care of your cat. For example, you can buy a practical small bottle for feeding of kittens or powder by means of which it is possible "to redeem" a cat without use of water.
Advantages of production of Gimpet

For years of work, the Gimborn company accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience that allows it to create products of the highest quality for your pets. A huge choice of tastes and forms will give you the chance to find among production of Gimpet treats even for the choosiest cat. In the course of production, modern technologies are used therefore the final product keeps useful properties of raw materials.

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Use all advantages of Gimpet products to please your cat and to take care about its health. Make a successful purchase right now!

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