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Gimbi Beauty Tabs 55 g

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Beauty Tabs 55 g

Gimborn Fell-Kur Kuller is a supplement food for small pets including rabbits. It is rich in Biotin Zinc and Vitamin B as well as Amino- and Fatty Acids all of which promote the growth of a healthy and shiny coat. Seasonal shedding is accelerated. In addition to conventional fiber a milk(lactose) derivative is added with high TGOS. This supports and strengthens the body from inside. Feeding Recommendation Adult Animals (depending on size) 2 - 10 peices Young Animals Pregnant or Lactating amount to be increased moderately

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  • Beauty Tabs 55 g
  • Composition
Vitamin A
Vitamin A promotes strengthening of immunity and the general condition of an organism.Vitamin A: Learn more
 (5946 IE)
Zinc as zinc sulfate monohydrate  (250 mg) Vitamin C
Vitamin C is known for the immunomodulatory properties.Vitamin C: Learn more
 (99 mg)
Biotin  (56 mcg) Nicotinic acid  (32.7 mg) Vitamin E
Vitamin E carries out a role of a potent antioxidant in an organism.Vitamin E: Learn more
 (16.35 mg)
Vitamin B12  (16.35 mg) Vitamin B6  (7.92 mg) Vitamin B2  (6.44 mg) Vitamin B1  (1.48 mg) Vitamin D3  (1.189 IE) Vitamin K3  (1 mg) Milk Sugar Oils Milk sugar derivative with TOS Yeast Vegetable by-products Minerals
The minerals, necessary for animals, are divided into two groups: major elements and trace substances.Minerals : Learn more

Nutrition advice

The ration of rodents has to contain all necessary vitamins and minerals that will providefull development and good health to animals.


Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the basic nutrients necessary for rodents for maintenance of health and the correct work of all organs.

More about Small Pets Feeding


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My rabbit had extremely bad coat! I didn't know what to do, bought him fresh food, good shampoo and vitamins! One of the most effective were these tablets! I don't have photo before the treatment to upload, but I'll show you the results later, when he'll completely recover.
I fed my guinea pig with Gimbi tabs during the recovery period after hard disease which she finally coped with. I can reccomend the tabs for your rodents, as it do help us recover in a short period.

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