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Information about manufacturer - Fleischeslust

Fleischeslust is high-quality German trademark of food and treats for dogs and cats. It rooted to 2011. It consist of fresh meat for 80–100%.

Production of Fleischeslust

  • Biologically appropriate raw food for dogs (BARF). These forages are made of carefully picked up ingredients and are a source of important nutrients for your pet. Some feeds contain only high-quality components of animal origin, for example, horse meat, venison, beef, heart, tripe, bones and ribs. In other products meat is supplemented with valuable vegetable ingredients: carrots, spinach, broccoli etc. Dog nutrition will be balanced and varied.
  • Wet dog food. Fresh meat with vegetables, greens, potatoes or rice enter this category. In the majority of forages there is no gluten therefore they are hypoallergenic. Products are on sale in eco-friendly packages that reduces the number of packing waste.
  • Wet cat food. The maintenance of meat in these products varies from 88 to 93%. It is supplemented with valuable ingredients, for example, spirulina, egg yolks, beer yeast etc. Such food can be given every day even to the cats inclined to allergic reactions.
  • Canned food and Steakhouse Pure sausages for dogs. You will be able to please the pet with dishes which for 100% consist of meat products (meat, heart, liver, etc.). Fleischeslust offers 6 tastes: turkey, beef, the flesh of game animals, mutton, horseflesh, goat's flesh . Products are ideal for animals with food intolerance. Steakhouse Pure can be mixed with flakes or vegetables.
  • Nutritional supplements for dogs. Vegetables, herbal mixes, oils enter this category. They will diversify a diet of your pets, will make it balanced. Fleischeslust nutritional supplements  influence immunity, regeneration processes, blood system well. These products are especially useful at diseases and injuries, and also during the trainings.
  • Treats for dogs. Fleischeslust offers a wide choice of snacks which are convenient for using as a reward during the trainings. To deserve an award, the animal will try to show the best results. You can offer the pet snacks from natural meat. Fleischeslust uses a drying method on air and a lyophilization. Advantage of the last option is that when moistening, the delicacy restores initial properties, that is you receive a piece of fresh crude meat. Also you will be able to please the pet with snack from beef or pork ears, beef skin, turkey necks, etc.
Advantages of Fleischeslust production

Teeth and digestive tract of pets are practically the same, as at their wild ancestors. Products of Fleischeslust are closest to a natural diet of predators. All forages and snack are made of meat and vegetables of regional production and constantly checked by independent laboratory. There are no artificial antioxidants, dyes, flavourings, low-quality meat products, sugar and other harmful additives. Production is not tested at animals.

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Do you want to spend a minimum of time for purchase of forages for the pet, but at the same time to be sure that it receives all the best? The Zoobio online store with pleasure will help you. We chose the best products of Fleischeslust for your pet. You will be able to order them right now, and will spend for it several minutes only.

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If you want to learn more about advantages of production of Fleischeslust or definitely do not know what food will suit your pet, address directly our consultants. They will give answers to all the questions online and will take care of that you made a good choice.

Fleischeslust and Zoobio work and are constantly improving for your pets were healthy and happy. Allow us to take care also of your pet.

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