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Information about manufacturer - Flatazor

The Flatazor brand belongs to the French company Sopral S.A. More than 50 years it creates forages for animals. Flatazor are the products for cats and dogs relating to a super premium segment. With this food pets receive not less than 40 necessary nutrients.

Production of Flatazor

  • Pure life for dogs. These forages help your pet to be happy every day. 85% of protein in a product are of an animal origin. The food is gluten-free, and your pet will avoid problems with digestion.
  • Prestige for dogs. Components of these balanced forages support good health during all the life of an animal. Features of a compounding reduce risk of development of allergic reactions.
  • Protect for dogs. It is a line of dietary forages which help to solve the main problems with health of your canine friends. It contains herbs, for example, willow, rosemary, turmeric.
  • Elite Professional for dogs. Products of this range are produced in packagings of 20 kg that is ideal option for dog farms and owners of several animals. It is possible to choose food for puppies and senior dogs, for representatives of small and large breeds, for active or choosy dogs and for other animals with specific requirements.
  • Crocktail for cats. Forages for animals with different requirements and food preferences belong to this category.
  • Protect for cats. Flatazor offers full-fledged dietary forages on the basis of hypoallergenic components. The cat inclined to problems with skin, kidneys or excess weight, will receive the balanced food and will feel well. Forages contain the taurine necessary for health of cardiovascular system and organs of vision, and also methionine which deficiency is shown in the form of problems with growth and dermatitis.
Advantages of production of Flatazor

Food does not contain dyes, artificial antioxidants, GMO.

They are produced on the modern equipment. Raw materials are exposed to the minimal thermal treatment therefore all the nutrients are not damaged. All Flatazor foods contain carefully selected ingredients which have a positive effect on the animal’s health.

For example, beer yeast supports balance of intestinal microflora, positively influences splitting of nutrients. Linseeds provide the animal’s body with essential fatty acids, reduce the risk of carbohydrate metabolism disorders.

Apple pectins link radionuclides therefore these harmful substances are removed from an organism in the form of insoluble complexes. Also pectins protect an animal from causative agents of sharp intestinal infections. FOS normalize blood pressure, reduce cholesterol level in blood, support reproduction of useful bifidobacteria in intestines.

Exclusive development of Flatazor is the biological complex of natural components received from deep-water fishes of the North Sea by fermental hydrolysis. It is a combination of essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and microelements. This complex regulates digestion processes, increases stability of liver, stimulates vitality and reproductive function.

Food of this brand presents to an animal good digestion, healthy skin, beautiful hair, strong immunity.

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Flatazor is a quality without compromises. That your pet felt all advantages of such food, make the order right now.

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