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Information about manufacturer - Feliway

Feliway products help cats to overcome stresses. They are useful, for example, during the removal into new house, arrival of guests, new family members, during visit of the veterinarian and in other situations causing stress in animals.

Feliway products

  • Spray. This product will allow to forget about such problems as scratching and marking by urine. To disaccustom the pet from bad habits, it is enough to spray the doorways, window sills, and those places which the cat has already marked, once a day. Also these agents will help an animal to cope with a stress during transportation. For this purpose it is necessary to spray the carrier.
  • Diffuser. It will help you to improve relationship with a cat and to create the comfortable atmosphere for the pet. The animal will become attached to the house and to you. It is necessary just to turn on the device in the electric socket. That a cat remaines quiet and tender, the diffuser has to work constantly.
  • Replaceable bottles for the diffuser. Period of validity of one bottle — 4 weeks.
Advantages  of Feliway products

This product is a synthetic analog of a pheromone of front glands of a cat. When it rubs about a surface of various objects in the house, it means that it is cozy and quiet. Having marked objects, the cat makes them familiar and feels confident in a familiar situation. In stressful situations development of a pheromone stops therefore the cat begins to worry even stronger.

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