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Information about manufacturer - Exclusion

Exclusion products are food for dog and cats inclined to food intolerance and an allergy. The owner of a brand — Dorado S.R.L. This Italian company worked  since 1991. Creation of products which really strengthen health of animals was the purpose of its founder -  Renato Rossi.

The Exclusion Diet Formula food was presented in 2004 at the international Interzoo exhibition in Nuremberg. Products of this line contain only one source of animal protein and easily digested carbohydrates.

In 2009 the Exclusion Mediterranean Dog line was presented. Its creators were inspired by the Mediterranean culinary traditions. These super premium foods are made by qualitative ingredients: chicken, mutton, fish, rice, corn, olive oil, pomegranate, chicory etc. In 2012 the Exclusion Mediterranean Cat line was started. In order that these products long kept faultless taste and useful properties, the producer does not use chemical additives but only natural antioxidants.

Production of Exclusion

  • Exclusion Diet Formula for dogs and cats with tendency to skin diseases. High-quality ingredients are used as the only source of protein in each dog food : horseflesh, venison, rabbit, duck, quail, goat, pork, fish. They are combined with potatoes or peas. There are dry feeds and canned food, for adult individuals and for puppies. For cats there are hypoallergenic canned food with pork and potatoes.
  • Exclusion Diet Formula for dogs with problem with digestion. These products will help your pet to forget about sharp intestinal disorder. The low content of fats and perfectly digested ingredients are the features of this food. Qualitative meat is combined with rice. Pay attention that it is possible to choose production produced especially for representatives of small breeds, and also food for large and average dogs.
  • Exclusion Mediterranean for dogs. These products also contain only one source of animal protein. The Mediterranean ingredients give a special taste to the food. The company produced the products adapted for needs of representatives of small, average and large breeds. In each category the set of useful foods with different tastes is presented. Among these foods you will surely find the one which will be pleasant to your pet.
  • Exclusion Mediterranean for cats. This food contains easily digested meat and the best sources of carbohydrates supplemented with unusual ingredients, for example, raspberry and blackberry. Among products of this range it is possible to choose suitable option for any animal: for living in the house or outside, for choosy, sterilized, low-active or inclined to excess weight. Besides, forages are developed for senior individuals and kittens.
Advantages of Exclusion production

This food has excellent tastes and is digested very well. It does not contain lactose, gluten, offal and artificial additives. Regardless of the type of food — dry or canned — among production of Exclusion there will be a suitable option for your pet. Therefore, the animal should not change eating habits, and it will save both it and you from a stress.

Exclusion is an excellent alternative to dietary food which you would cook for the pets. Cooking homemade food demands a lot of time and forces, and products of Exclusion need just to be put  in a bowl. Besides, professionals who know everything about food needs of animals work with these unique food. These products improved quality of life of millions of dogs and cats around the world.

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For your convenience the qualified online consultants are working. They know everything about needs of animals and about Exclusion production. If you have questions, our consultants will be glad to answer them.

Exclusion and Zoobio can improve the life of your pet. Make the order right now and be convinced that we are worthy your trust.

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