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Information about manufacturer - Eukanuba

Eukanuba are dry food of a super premium class. Earlier the brand was the property of Procter & Gamble, and now it belongs to Mars, Inc. The plant producing these products is in Leipsic, Ohio.

In 1969 the founder of the brand, Paul Iams, created a new food formula and looked for the name which would transfer unique quality of this product. He  found inspiration in the 1940th years — an era of jazz culture. Then for designation of very good cars and songs the word "Eukanuba" meaning "excellently" or "super" was used. Since then and up to now this name is precisely characterized the food of this brand.

Eukanuba Production

  • The standard diet of Eukanuba includes dog food for different ages: from puppies to senior ones. It is also possible to choose a product for small, average and large animals.
  • Food for certain breeds. The products developed especially for German shepherds and Labradors retrievers which enter this category.
  • Food for veterinary diets. It is created for dogs and cats suffering from various diseases, for example, problems with kidneys, joints, digestive tract, skin.
Advantages of Eukanuba production

Basis of Eukanuba food are proteins of an animal origin. Their sources are the meat and fish recognized as proper for people. Such food corresponds to the natural needs of the dogs, which are predators inherently.

Also the Eukanuba team carefully controls an origin of raw materials and can always tell buyers from where they had arrived. It very seriously treats the choice of suppliers. Many of them are reliable partners of Eukanuba, but, despite on trustworthiness, the ingredients delivered by them are always checked carefully.

Each supplier is obliged to provide the certificate of raw materials conformity to the high quality standards.

Before you give Eukanuba food to the pet , this product will undergo more than 120 testing. The first stage of control is made at the supplier before raw materials shipment. Also each consignment of ingredients is checked before getting to the plant. If results checks  are unsatisfactory, then all the products come back to the supplier. All process from the production to the packaging of finished goods are also controlled strictly.

Tests of food products from each part are stored, so in the future it is possible to check them repeatedly, if necessary. A final inspection is carried out when the packed food is already shipped and goes to consumers.

Eukanuba voluntarily organizes checks by independent experts. One of them is the American Institute of Baking (AIB International) controlling safety, sanitary and hygienic conditions at the plants, which make products for people. All this means that production of this brand will be useful for the health of your pet.

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