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Information about manufacturer - Erdtmann

Erdtmann company exists since 1960. The founder is Karl-Heinz Erdtmann. Today this company is the second-large European producer of food and other products for wild birds.

Production of Erdtmann

  • Stern. Fatty balls, rings, sticks, hand bells enter this category. They contain various ingredients, including oat and wheat flakes, sunflower seeds, food fats. As additives fruit, nuts, a protein are used in some products. The treat rich with carbohydrates will become the real holiday for any songbird. Also the company offers birds fodder mixes from seeds and nuts. The product can be bought together with a practical dispenser. And at last, birds will be pleased by sacks with tasty nuts.
  • Special food. The company offers fatty balls with dried cherries, apples, pears and grapes, suitable for hot summer, fodder mix for chaffinches, yellowhammers and bullfinches with oats, red, white and yellow millet, linseed, black caraway seeds, and also the food for squirrels containing peanuts, filbert and raisin. These treats will become a basis of the healthy nutrition for the charming birds and rodents which chosen your garden.
  • Feeding troughs, holders for a forage and nesting boxes. Advantages of these products are qualitative materials and the thought-over designs. Feeding troughs and holders of Erdtmann are ideal for balconies and courtyard. They can be suspended or mounted on a wall. Nesting boxes will be pleasant not only to songbirds, but also owls, bats, hedgehogs.
  • Accessories for protection of wild birds. Self-adhesive silhouettes of predatory birds which can be attached to a window belong to this category. Because of them you will save birds from death as a result of hitting the glass. The special barrier is intended for protection against cats. It twists a tree trunk as a belt, and does not allow cats to reach a feeding trough. Also the company offers the special device by means of which the insects who appeared in the house will get outside alive. At the same time they will become natural food of birds.
Advantages of Erdtmann production

Erdtmann foods are adapted to needs of the most different birds: omnivorous,who eats seeds, and those who prefer soft food; eating from feeding troughs or from the ground/ Qualitative food gives energy to birds and helps them not just to survive, and to keep healthy, full-fledged life.

Because of intervention of  person in the nature, wild birds go through difficult times not only in the winter, but also during other periods. Erdtmann offers a special food which is adapted to food needs of birds in warm season. Also with the help of products of this company you will be able to attract birds which seldom and reluctantly appear in the areas occupied by people.

Nesting boxes of Erdtmann are adapted to needs of different birds. For example, designs with an entrance of 27-28 mm in the diameter will be pleasant to many species of titmouses. At the same time openings with a diameter of 32 mm suit motley flycatchers, wood sparrows, nuthatch. Erdtmann offers very strong nesting boxes which can serve 20–25 years. They will not be spoiled by neither woodpeckers, nor vagaries of the weather.

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If you want to attract wild birds in the garden and to feed them with healthy food, address to Zoobio. In our online store you will be able to buy production of Erdtmann for reasonable price. Completing of the order will take several minutes only. We will answer any questions about the items and we will deliver your purchases in the shortest possible time.

Erdtmann is your opportunity to take care of birds and to take great pleasure from observation of them. Make the order right now and feel joy from contact with the nature.

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