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For a natural and appropriate equine nutrition

Struktur Cereal-free with highly digestible, intact fibre is designed for feeding horses with metabolic diseases or sensitive horses. Due to the low starch and sugar content, it relieves the metabolism, and the high level of raw fibres supports a harmonious intestinal flora. Sunflower seeds and rice bran provide essential fatty acids.

Alfalfa is well known for its high-quality protein levels and is therefore ideal to supply the body with right amount of amino acids to support muscle growth. Tasty apple pulp provides valuable pectines. Structure cereal free can crucially contribute to a better quality of life for your horse due to the carefully selected natural ingredients.

The advantages at a glance:

  • starch and sugar reduced;
  • ideal for use in feeding horses with metabolic disorders, as a single hard feed;
  • The high levels of structure and fibre increases mastication and the production of saliva, thereby improving the gastro-intestinal environment;
  • Lower volume of hard feed but with better digestibility and energy supply, which in conjunction with a good fodder ration, protects the small sensitive stomach and the entire digestive system;
  • With high-quality vegetable fatty acids.
Granules Eggersmann Struktur Cereal-free packaging sizes
  • Struktur Cereal-free 15 kg
Lucern green meal 51.1%, fruit (apple) residues 10.4%, rice bran 10.2%, lucerne hay 10%, Linseed Extract Powder 3.9%, carob 3%, Lignocelluloses 2.6%, sunflower seeds 2.3%, milk thistle oil 1.9%, sugar cane molasses 1.4%, calcium carbonate 1%, carrots (dried) 0.9%, sodium chloride 0.5%, Artichoke 0.1%, Milk Thistle seed 0.1%, Hawthorn leaves 0.1%, Gingko leaves 0.1%, dandelion 0.1%.
Analytical Constituents
Natrium 0.2%
Phosphorus 0.4%
Crude ash 9.5%
Magnesium 0.25%
Crude fat 6.4%
Crude protein 12.5%
Starch 2.6%
Fiber 21.7%
Calcium 1.6%
Sugar 4.4%
Feeding recommendations

Light to medium work activity 150-400 g per 100 kg body weight, at a lower dosage, a mineral feed should be fed.

Nutrition advice

Balanced horse food
Every day the horse has to receive a set of forages and additives which will provide her organism with necessary nutritious and biologically active agents. Only in this case it for a long time will remain beautiful, healthy and full of strength.

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