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Information about manufacturer - Eggersmann

The German company Eggersmann is one of the most successful producers of high-quality food for horses. It cooperates with the best experts in the field of feeding and constantly improves the products.

Production of Eggersmann

  • Basic food for horses who do not receive high loads. These muesli and granules are created especially for animals who do not need too much protein and energy. Overconsumption of proteins creates additional load of a liver and kidneys, and excess of energy in the absence of the corresponding physical activity can make a horse aggressive. Basic food from Eggersmann allows to avoid these problems.
  • Stern for sports activities and competitions. These granules and muesli contain substances which help animals to achieve good results and to be restored quickly after intensive physical activities.
  • Special food. Eggersmann creates products for horses with sensitive digestion, with problem skin and coat, with various diseases, for example, with laminitis.
  • Products for breeding. The company offers food and additives for foals, young animals, studhorses and mares. Animals receive the best food from the very beginning of life, and it puts base for health and longevity. Production of Eggersmann positively influences quality of sperm at stallions and production of progesterone at mares.
  • Vegetable oil and flakes. You can buy oat flakes which contribute to good digestion and are a source of irreplaceable amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. Also corn and barley flakes with which the animal receives a large amount of energy belong to this category. At last, thistle oil is a fine source of important fatty acids. It positively influences immunity, growth and fertility.
  • Mineral additives. They are produced for horses as a source of necessary substances, for example, of calcium, phosphorus, sodium.
  • Concentrates. You will find products for the solution of the most different problems in this category. For example, you can get a concentrate for fast replenishment of reserves of the nutrients for strengthening of joints and sheaves, etc., lost with sweat
  • Treats. The company offers treats with taste of apples, carrots, beets and other delicacies which are pleasant to horses very much. You will be able to indulge an animal and to strengthen emotional connection with it.

Many products of the company contain Eggersmann Microherbs (EMH) — the extract of useful herbs fermented by means of microorganisms. Additive increases vital energy of an animal, but at the same time it keeps quiet temperament.

Advantages of Eggersmann production

This company is distinguished from business competitors with the wide range of products. You will be able to choose a suitable food or supplement for animal of any age and class, character and weight.

Raw materials are bought, generally on the farms located near the Eggersmann plants. They are tested by independent experts regularly. There is no flour of an animal origin, medicines, dope in these sterns.

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On the Zoobio website it is possible to make the order for products of this company in several clicks. We will please you with the loyal prices and fast delivery. If you need the help at the choice of a product or completing of the order, do not hesitate to address our online consultants.

Eggersmann will help you to support health of your horse in the best way. To be convinced of high quality of a product and to please an animal, make the order right now.

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