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Information about manufacturer - Easy-Life

The Easy-Life brand belongs to the Dutch company Easy Life International B.V. It makes products for aquariums since 1998. For operating time, the company deserved fine reputation. Knowledge and experience of its experts resulted in innovative products which are on sale in more than 40 countries. This company is trusted not only by owners of private aquariums, but also zoos, and also importers and exporters of fishes and corals.

Production of Easy-Life

The following fertilizers enjoy the greatest popularity among the products of the company:

  • ProFito. This is concentrated universal fertilizer. It suits any plants. At this product there are all necessary nutrients therefore you, most likely, don't need to bring potassium and iron in addition. Plants will become strong, healthy and magnificent, their foliage will be wide and intensively coloured.
  • EasyCarbo. This product is an excellent source of carbon dioxide for aquarium plants. Improvement of its growth becomes noticeable in 1-2 weeks of use only . At the same time the risk of development of algae in an aquarium decreases.
  • Ferro. This fertilizer is the concentrated iron source. Also it contains potassium. This product will make your plants healthy and bright.
  • Potassium. This fertilizer will provide plants with a potassium. The lack of this element especially often arises in soft water. The problem can be indicated by the light green, almost white colour of the foliage. It is better to use Potassium and Ferro together that plants received both potassium, and iron in enough quantity.
  • Nitro and Fosfo. These fertilizers compensate lack of nitrogen and phosphorus. Deficiency of these major elements leads to a growth delay and a stunt of aquarium plants. Such problem usually arises in aquariums where there is a small amount of fishes or there are no fish at all.
  • Root Sticks. This product is ideal for plants with the high need for a root nutrition, for example, of Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, Lotus. Sticks don't pollute water and are easily divided into small pieces if necessary.

Also the company releases products for purification of aquarian water, for fight against algae, for care of fishes, tests for water, bags for transportation of fishes. All this will make the maintenance of an aquarium much more pleasant.

Advantages of Easy-Life production

Products of this brand are economic, simple in use and effective. Its popularity is generally the result of word-of-mouth advertizing. The people who tested production of Easy-Life brand, recommend it to others, and this is the best proof of its quality.

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