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Information about manufacturer - Landfleisch

Landfleisch is a line of foods, treats and food supplements for cats and dogs, which is produced by German company Dr. Alder’s Tiernahrung GmbH established in 1978. Its founder is Manfred Alder. Until 1986, the company focused on dry foods, however, some time later its product range became significantly wider.

Dr. Alder’s sticks to the idea, according to which animals should get the nutrition that is similar to the natural one. Products of this company are made of the ingredients that people can eat.

Dr. Alders Landfleisch Products

  • Wet foods for growing dogs. These products have a positive influence on skeleton and muscles development, metabolism and general wellness of your pet.
  • Wet foods for adult dogs. Dr. Alders Landfleisch offers products useful for digestion, immune system, skin and coat.
  • Wet foods for elderly dogs. Making these products, all the needs of elderly dogs are concerned. Eating such food, despite its age, your pet will feel good and bring you joy.
  • Wet foods for dogs with sensitive digestion. This category includes products with only one source of protein. If your pet suffers from food intolerance, then these Landfleisch foods will help it feel good. Moreover, they are ideal for animals tend to be allergic to food.
  • Food supplements for dogs. You can buy flakes with herbs, vegetables and apples. With this product, you pet gets qualitative carbohydrates that are easy to digest. You can mix flakes with Landfleisch canned foods.
  • Treats for dogs. Most of the delicatessens of this brand are made of gently dried meat. They do not contain any grains, soy or preservatives. Dr. Alder’s offers treats even for dogs with sensitive digestion. The peculiarity of this deli is that there is only one source of proteins.
  • Dry foods for dogs. Kibbles contain 70% of fresh meat and there aren’t any grains.
  • Wet foods for cats. These products will become an excellent source of nutritional chemicals, amino acids and vitamins for your pet. Foods improve digestion, metabolism, growth process, immunity, skin, coat and sight.
  • Treats for cats. You can offer your pet delicious, gently dried pieces of meat or fish. There is no sugar, grains, bone flour, soya or preservatives in the treats.
Advantages of Dr. Alders Landfleisch Products

Dr. Alder’s works only with proven suppliers. Your pet’s going to have products made of certified raw materials produced at German farms. This food isn’t only delicious but it is also very healthy.

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On the website Zoobio, you can purchase products of this brand fast and inexpensively. We offer reasonable prices, simple order procedure, convenient terms of payment and delivery. If you need some details, our online-consultants will be happy to answer all of your questions and to give you a good advice.

Dr. Alders Landfleisch products have the best nature can give. In order to let your pet evaluate the advantages of a healthy diet, place your order right now.

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