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Information about manufacturer - Doggles

Under the brand Doggles various pet products are manufactured in the USA, but the most popular are sunglasses for dogs. The idea of such an unusual accessory came to Roni Di Lullo when she noticed that not only people squint their eyes in the bright sunlight, but their pets also do. The brand has existed since 1997.

Doggles Products

  • Sunglasses. They’ll protect your pet’s eyes from ultraviolet. All dogs need them, but especially those that accompany their masters during motorcycle rides, like bathing in the sun or very sensitive to the sunlight.
  • Toys. In this category you’ll find a wonderful present for any dog. For example, plush toys are extremely popular. Animals also like Doggles products made of several layers of holeproof nylon, so other companies quite often try to imitate this brand, but fail to achieve its success. Some toys due to seaming and special design can stand even intensive shaking, stretching and other dog’s mischievous tricks.
  • Footwear. Protects your pet’s paws, so it’ll be able to have fun running in the snow or slopping around in the puddles without a risk of catching a cold.
  • Bowls. Ideal for travelling. Just place a portable bowl into your bag and it’ll be comfortable for your pet to eat and to drink during the journey.
  • Carriers. Allow your dog to travel with comfort. I’ll appreciate such additional accessories as a soft cushion, blanket and portable drinking bowl.
  • Coats. These warm and comfortable clothes will keep the dog warm while walking freely.
  • Lifejackets. Your pet will be able to enjoy swimming and you’ll be sure in it being safe.
  • Harnesses. Doggles offers not only functional outfit with light-reflecting elements, but also nice stylish dresses that’ll help you pet to get everybody’s attention.
  • Headwear. With such stylish accessories your pet will easily outshine other dogs.
  • Health products. With the help of these treatments you’ll protect your pet’s skin from sunlight and eliminate problems connected with insect bites.
  • Jewellery. An elegant necklace or pendant will help your dog to leave a lasting impression on people around it.
  • Toys for cats. Impress with a variety of shapes and colours. You can even purchase for your pet a toy with catnip. The animal will be delighted with such a present.
  • Catnip. Almost all cats adore this herb. With its help you can indulge your pet or teach it something useful. For example, to make your cat get used to using a cat scratcher faster, you can spread some catnip over it.
Advantages of Doggles Products

The sunglasses design considers dog anatomic features, protects not only from the sunlight but also from wind and dust. Using this utility accessory you’ll keep your pet from different eye diseases. Many vets recommend glasses by Doggles.

Other products of this brand will help you to bring more comfort and happiness into your pet’s life. Don’t forget about those goods that just give your dog a stylish and fancy look. Decorating your cat with interesting accessories, you take care of it and show that you treat it as a close friend or a member of your family.

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Don’t miss your chance to make a successful purchase online. Order Doggles products right now and make your pet’s life even happier and brighter.

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