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Puppy products from Bosch

Bosch puppy food is produced in Germany. They are wholesome foodstuffs which are made in accordance with special characteristics of the animal’s growing body. The production of food is carried out taking into consideration the results of the latest researches in the field of dietology. Besides, dog feeds and treats by Bosch meet the requirements of such quality standards as IFS and HACCP.

A wide variety of Bosch puppy food

The given products are divided into four lines:

  1. Natural Organic Concept. These are dry products made of organic raw materials. In the line there is a feed which is suitable for dogs of all the breeds from two to twelve months of age. The composition of the product of Natural Organic Concept includes carrot. It is beneficial for the function of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Life Protection Concept. The feeds contribute to the proper development and strengthening of the animal’s musculoskeletal system. Moreover, the products of the line will suit pets with a high activity level.
  3. High Premium Concept. The line offers special milk for puppies. It’s perfectly digested and doesn’t overload the digestive system of growing animals. In the High Premium Concept you’ll also find a dry feed which will be suitable for pets from four weeks to four months of age. This food should be soaked before giving. The product has colostrum necessary for the formation of the basic immunity in puppies. Besides, the line includes everyday feeds for animals of different size at the age of 2-12 months.
  4. High Premium Concept Plus/Soft. A soft hypoallergenic food for puppies (from two months to one year of age) belongs to this line. This food has no grains and it’s notable for the presence of only one protein source.
3 reasons to buy Bosch puppy food
  1. The composition of these products doesn’t include artificial additives, flavouring agents and other harmful components.
  2. Bosch feeds have the exact balance of ingredient of plant and animal origin. Moreover, these foodstuffs contain a complex of useful substances necessary for animals to feel well.
  3. Feeds by the brand are easily digested by the animal’s organism thanks to the natural composition as well as to the leading production methods.
  4. The best pet products at Zoobio

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