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Toys for dogs from Trixie

Trixie dog toys are high-quality items that won’t let your pet get bored. Many products from this German manufacturer are tested by company experts and their pets. Main Trixie priorities are the high quality of products and close attention to pets’ needs.

Wide range of Trixie dog toys

  • Classic products made from latex, plush, plastic, vinyl, India rubber and other materials. These are, mainly, balls and animal-shaped accessories that dogs like to toss, gnaw and carry. 
  • Puzzles. The manufacturer offers balls as well as other items with a hidden compartment for treats. These kinds of Trixie dog toys are intended for training your pet’s intelligence. With such accessories a dog needs to make some effort to get the hidden treat.
  • Fetch toys. This category is represented with rings, throwing balls, dumbbells and other items that might be used to teach dogs to fetch and retrieve things. These accessories are made from various materials: wood, flexible plastic, India rubber, rubber and others. Moreover, Trixie produces various ropes, balls on a rope, etc. that are suitable not only for fetching but for tugging as well. 
  • Chew toys. Special rubber and India rubber items and cotton ropes as well that help to clean and strengthen dog’s teeth while playing. Moreover, the manufacturer offers various edible chew toys, for example, “bones” made from pressed cowhide.
  • Floating items. Accessories of all possible shapes for your pet to play with both in water and on the ground.
Main advantages of Trixie dog toys
  • The company makes accessories of various sizes. Due to this, it is possible to easily choose items for small pets, representatives of mid-sized breeds or large dogs to play with comfort. 
  • Trixie toys are safe for animals. These accessories are made from high-quality materials. Moreover, these items do not have any sharp edges that might accidentally hurt your pet.
  • Toys from this trademark stand out for durability and wear-resistance. Your pet will be playing with such accessories for a very long time. 
  • Among a huge range of products for dogs’ entertainment, you’ll definitely find a toy that will become your pet’s favourite one. Moreover, you can always surprise your four-legged friend with something new.
  • How to buy Trixie dog toys online

    Don’t you know what to give to your pet as a present? With Zoobio you’ll easily make the choice. We sell Trixie dog toys of all kinds. Especially for you, we’ve created a structured catalogue and convenient search system. To buy Trixie dog toys, all you need is to add the products you like to your basket and fill in a short order form. Your purchase will be delivered as soon as possible. Become Zoobio customer today and do shopping with comfort.

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