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Flea & tick controls for dogs

Flea Protection - Top quality products

During walks any dog can get skin parasites. They don’t only cause discomfort for your four-legged friend, but are also carriers of dangerous diseases. To avoid it you should use special flea and tick treatments. Thanks to such products fleas and ticks won’t be a problem for your pet any more.

Flea and tick treatments: types and features

Manufacturers offer a wide choice of products of the given type. So, there are the following anti-parasite treatments:

  • Special collars. They’re highly effective preventive treatments. They’re produced under the brand Canina Pharma (the product line Petvital) as well as Pitti, Trixie.
  • Shampoos, foams and powders. They’re intended for maximum gentle treatment of the infested animal. Shampoos are produced under the brands Bogar (the product line Bogacare), Canina Pharma (the product line Petvital).
  • Spot-on treatments. They’re highly effective anti-parasitic treatments. They have a long-lasting effect after the appliance. Spot-on treatments are produced, for example, under the brand cdVet (such products can be found in ZeckEx product line).
  • Sprays. They allow you to rid of parasites even a heavily infested animal. They’re produced, for instance, under the brands Beaphar and NovaGard.
  • Tools for mechanical removal of skin parasites. The category includes various tweezers and hooks. Such products are produced, for example, under the trademark Trixie.
What should you consider when choosing?

You should be especially careful when buying treatments for pregnant dogs, puppies and debilitated animals. These pets can be very sensitive to potent products. Before choosing, you should attentively look through the list of all the contraindications. You should surely specify the purpose of products, as some of them can be used only as preventive measures.

Zoobio - place to buy the best flea and tick treatments

Do you have little time for buying products for flea and tick control, but want to choose the best? Contact the online store Zoobio to place an order quickly and successfully. We’ve provided for you a user-friendly catalogue, prompt order processing and delivery within the shortest time. Having made up your mind to buy anti-parasite products you’ll essentially save your time and energy. To check it yourself, place an order right now.

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