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Dog skin and coat care products

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Proper Coat Care for Dogs

Your dog’s coat should always be well-maintained. How much care is needed is often depends on the dog breed. There are many fur types that always have to fight with matting. Also, the famous stock hair requires regular work. It is clear that dogs with long fur require more fur care. For coat care, the selection at Zoobio offers many excellent products for all different types of fur. In addition to regular brushing and trimming, coats should often be shampooed or treated.

Coat Care Products from Zoobio

Because dog fur comes in many different types, there are many different products for coat care that you should look into. For example, there is shampoo, which is not only responsible for cleaning the fur, but it also provides nourishment to the skin underneath. Dogs that shed frequently can be treated using anti-shed shampoo. For dogs that are afraid of water, there are special products such as dry shampoo. Furthermore there are care articles that can affect the color of your dog’s coat or that have special ingredients particular to your dog’s breed.

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