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Dog food from Rinti

Rinti dog food is made by a family company independent from large corporations. The manufacturer uses only the best raw materials. For example, lamb meat is specially delivered from New Zealand and fish comes from Thailand. The company produces wet and dry food for your four-legged friends as well as snacks.

Wide range of Rinti dog food

  • Kennerfleisch Dose. These are meat products with a balanced proportion of vitamins and minerals. This series includes wet feeds with a variety of flavours: beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc. 
  • Kennerfleisch Schale. These are wet products with high percentage of natural meat enriched with flaxseed oil. Thanks to this ingredient, your pet will get a sufficient amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids essential for healthy skin and coat. Fibres found in these wet foods improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Sensible. This is a series of products for dogs with special food requirements. Most products from this line contain a single source of animal protein, turkey or lamb, for instance. This way, you won’t have any difficulties finding wet food for the animal that is intolerant to some feed components. 
  • Singlefleisch. This is a high-protein nutrition without any grains, fruit or vegetables in it. For the production of each feed, the manufacturer uses a single source of protein. Such wet food is characterised by high digestibility. They suit sensitive dogs and picky eaters.
  • Huhn Total. This is an alternative to the B.A.R.F. diet. The main feed ingredients are choice chicken chunks. Chicken is hand-cut and cooked using the most gentle technology. 
  • Canine. These are diets for dogs with certain diseases. For example, in this product line you can find wet food for a pet with diabetes, for an animal with chronic or acute kidney insufficiency, for a dog suffering from GI condition.
  • Gold. The series includes canned feeds for dogs of small breeds. There are various flavours available, for example, pheasant. 
  • Gold Mini. This nutrition intended for miniature breeds is sold in trays. The products from this line feature a variety of flavours. For example, you can surprise your pet with an exquisite combination of beef and guineafowl meat.
  • Nature's Balance. These kinds of Rinti dog food are rich in protein and have a moderate amount of fat. Products contain fresh eggs rich in valuable fatty acids. These substances improve coat health. 
  • Feinest. These low-fat products suit even less active and overweight dogs.
  • Filetto Frischebeutel. The line includes little portions of meat chunks in tender jelly. The products are available in pouches.
  • Filetto Dose. Feeds from this line are delicious meat chunks in jelly or sauce, sold in cans. 
  • Bio. The manufacturer offers wet food for the production of which free-range animal meat is used. The products are available in trays.
  • Canine Intestinal trocken. These are easily digestible products with a low amount of fat. This dry food was created for dogs that suffer from digestive tract problems. 
  • Canine Anti-Stress. This product is ideal for a dog that has significant exercise load while training or hunting. This dry feed will also suit animals with bad appetite.
  • Max-i-Mum. This is a series of grain-free feeds that consist of 70% meat and 30% vegetables.
Main advantages of Rinti dog food
  • Thanks to a great number of product lines, you won’t have any difficulty choosing a suitable product for a pet with almost any food requirements. 
  • For example, you can buy a 1 kg pack of dry food Canine Intestinal to try it. If your pet likes it, then it will be more convenient to order 12 kg packages: thus, you won’t have to replenish your stocks very often.
  • How to buy Rinti dog food online

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