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Dog food from Pedigree

Pedigree dog food is a delicious nutrition rich in vital substances. In particular, the manufacturer uses meat, that is a source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, as raw material. Under this brand, they also produce treats which will become a tasty and healthy supplement to pet’s main diet.

Wide range of Pedigree dog food

  • Dry food. Feeding your pet with such food positively affects the state of dog’s mouth cavity. Fibres in the feed ensure good digestion. Among Pedigree dry feeds you can choose a special diet, for example, for the representative of a small breed, for German Shepherd, for a senior pet or a less active animal. 
  • Wet food. These kinds of Pedigree dog food are available in cans, pouches and trays. Among these products, you can choose nutrition which positively affects certain organs or systems. Thus, feed rich in taurine is beneficial for the heart. Products with a high amount of zinc and omega-6 fatty acids give a healthy shine to the fur. Nutrition enriched with vitamins C and E strengthens the immune system.
Main advantages of Pedigree dog food
  • Proteins that get into your pet’s body with these products perform a number of important functions. In particular, it is necessary for cell regeneration, enzyme production and it positively affects the functioning of muscles and reproductive system. 
  • Grains found in the food are a source of carbohydrates. From them, your dog will get a great deal of energy. Thus, he will be strong enough to walk, play, etc.
  • Many Pedigree dog treats and feeds contain calcium. This substance is the basis of bone tissues and has a beneficial effect on muscle contraction and blood coagulation as well. 
  • Some products contain vegetable components which are extremely healthy for the body. For example, carrot found in the feed is a source of provitamin A, which is essential for good eyesight.
How to buy Pedigree dog food online

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