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Dry food for dogs from Pedigree

Pedigree dry dog food is a delicious diet that can satisfy daily feeding needs of your pets. The manufacturer uses the ingredients that are healthy for animals. For example, products from this brand are enriched with vitamins essential for dogs. Such a diet ensures the health of all body systems.

Main advantages of Pedigree dry dog food

  • The feed contains by-products. These components are sources of high-quality proteins. These substances are needed for cell regeneration, enzyme production and strong immunity to name a few. 
  • Grains found in the Pedigree food are a source of carbohydrates. Thanks to this, your pet will get the energy it needs for walking, training, etc.
  • The fibres contained in the feed influences the intestinal flora positively. This ensures good digestion. 
  • Your pet will get fats with Pedigree food. These substances help to absorb certain vitamins.
  • Pedigree products contain calcium which positively affects the muscle contraction and blood coagulation. It is also required to keep your pet’s bones strong and healthy. 
  • Vitamin A contained in the food ensures visual acuity and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Some Pedigree dog treats and feeds were especially formulated for certain animals, like representatives of small dog breeds, for example. Moreover, you can find a product for a senior pet or a less active animal. This way you’ll provide your pet with the diet tailored to its needs. 
  • Feeding your pet with such food positively affects the state of dog’s oral cavity.
How to buy Pedigree dry dog food online

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