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Animonda Vom Feinsten for dogs

Animonda is a German manufacturer of professional pet foods. It has been working since 1991 and is a member of Saturn Petcare Group.

Animonda Vom Feinsten foods are made of fresh high quality raw materials. Among them you can find products for animals of any age.

Animonda Vom Feinsten products

●     Vom Feinsten wet foods for dogs are various meat dishes which take fancy of the most fastidious gourmets. If you give preference to this product line, you can make your pet’s diet wholesome and diverse.

●     Vom Feinsten wet foods for cats are well-balanced products made of first choice quality meat. Such food makes a predator which lives in every cat very happy.

●     Vom Feinsten Deluxe dry foods for cats are products made of raw materials which are suitable even for people. They have a delicious taste and a well-balanced composition.

Advantages of Animonda Vom Feinsten products

In the composition of these foods there is no soya, sugar, colouring and flavouring agents.

The amount of meat in every product is very high. Among Animonda Vom Feinsten foods you can find products for animals with special needs, for example, for neutered cats or kittens which are switched from milk to usual food.

In the products there are substances which are very important for the cat’s well-being and good health. For example, vitamin D3 prevents such problems as weakness, anchylosis, deformation of limbs, head, pelvis and digestive disorders. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant which slows down aging, strengthens immune system, makes the animal more active. Calcium maintains normal heart work, controls muscular activity, takes part in signal transmission in the nervous system.

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