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Dog food from bosch

Bosch dog food is high-quality feed produced by German family company Bosch Tiernahrung GmbH & Co, established in 1960. The manufacturer carefully chooses ingredients for the production of nutrition and pays special attention to the quality control of readymade products. At present, products of this company are supplied to more than 35 world’s countries and are popular with many pet owners.

Wide range of Bosch dog food

  • High Premium Concept. This range includes balanced dry foods for daily nutrition of dogs of different ages. Moreover, there are special vitamin supplements for animals offered in this line.
  • High Premium Concept Plus/Soft. This is a special range of dry and soft grain-free products for dogs with allergies and food intolerance. These types of Bosch dog food are single-protein, i.e. contain only one source of protein of animal origin.
  • Life Protection Concept. These are dry highly digestible foods, without grains containing gluten. Products from this range are recommended for four-legged friends with sensitive digestion. Besides, the line includes dietary food with a low amount of mineral substances for dogs with kidney diseases.
  • Natural Organic Concept. This is a range of dry foods made from 100% organic raw materials. The line includes three food diets based on poultry meat: with carrots for puppies, with apples for adult pets, with tomatoes for senior animals.
Main advantages of Bosch dog food
  • For example, in the manufacturer’s assortment, there are products for especially active pets: working, sporting and hunting dogs. Moreover, Bosch product lines include foods for pregnant and nursing dogs, allergy-prone pets, and many other dietary products.
  • All Bosch products are certified, in particular, in compliance with International Food Standard (IFS) and HACCP system.
  • Bosch food products are characterised by a variety of flavours. You can easily find foods with chicken, duck, lamb, pheasant and many others.
  • The manufacturer offers feeds in different packs: from 750 g up to 15 kg. It is very convenient: you can buy small packs for your pet to try and large ones will suit you perfectly well if you have several dogs. Besides, buying feed in large packages, you can save money.
  • How to buy Bosch dog food online

    Are you looking for high-quality nutrition that would meet your pet’s food requirements? Look no further! You can buy Bosch dog food in the online shop Zoobio right now. There are presented feeds produced specially for pets of certain breeds and ages. Moreover, we also offer dietary nutrition from this manufacturer for animals suffering from obesity, for allergy-prone dogs and others. Provide your pet with a properly balanced diet – order appetising Bosch food on our website right now.

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