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  • Wire Crate, Galvanized, Double 90x64x79 cm
    Art.-Nr.: 52629
    90x64x79 cm
    78,14 £*
    90,86 £*

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    Brand: Trixie
    Product type: Transport Crates
    Package type: Single pack
    • Easy care
    • Removable divider included

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  • Trixie Car Seat Cover 1.45x0.65 m
    Car Seat Cover
    Art.-Nr.: 9484
    1.45x0.65 m 1.45x1.40 m
    10,37 £*
    UVP 15,08 £*
  • Trixie Wings Airline Carrier 23x28x46 cm
    Wings Airline Carrier
    Art.-Nr.: 51753
    23x28x46 cm
    53,26 £*
    61,93 £*
  • Trixie Nelly Backpack 34x32x29 cm
    Nelly Backpack
    Art.-Nr.: 51750
    34x32x29 cm
    28,22 £*
    32,82 £*
  • Trixie Car Separation 60/44×69 cm
    Car Separation
    Art.-Nr.: 50368
    60/44×69 cm
    7,55 £*
    UVP 11,31 £*

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Dog car transport boxes

Transport Crates - Top quality products

Dog transportation implies the usage of special accessories. Whether you take your pet to the nearest veterinary clinic or take it with you for a vacation to the other country, it’s necessary to take care of the animal’s comfort and safety on the journey. Dog travel crates & kennels will help to provide optimal conditions for it during trips. Thanks to these supplies the trips won’t cause your pet any discomfort.

Dog travel crates & kennels: types and features

In the modern market of pet products there are products for pet transportation of different sizes. Nowadays you can easily buy crates for miniature pets, for medium dogs as well as for representatives of large breeds. Depending on the production material such accessories are divided into:

  • Metal crates. They’re durable products, most of which are intended even for very large dogs. They’re made of chromized or galvanized metal. Depending on the size they have one or two doors. Especially large products can be equipped with dismountable wheels. Metal crates are notable for good ventilation and provide pets with an optimal view. Besides, these products can be used not only for transportation. They’re often set instead of a dog cabin inside or outside the house.
  • Plastic carriers. They’re reliable carriers intended for pet transportation of small and medium breeds. These products are durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Moreover, plastic carriers weigh little and can be carried in hand. Some manufacturers offer models equipped with a shoulder belt. Such products are represented, in particular, by Trixie trademark. And, for example, under Europet-Bernina brand there are plastic carriers with fasteners for a car seat belt.

There are also special cages adapted for long distance dog transportation. Such products are, as a rule, equipped with various accessories: waterers, feeders, cushions and so on.

What should you consider when choosing dog travel crates & kennels?

Buy accessories for transportation in accordance with your pet’s size. The height of the cage should let the animal sit inside it freely and without bending its head. Choose the length of the product so that the dog can make itself comfortable in lying position. If you keep a large pet, it’s better to transport it in a metal construction. Plastic carriers are not intended for large dogs.

Consider the fittings. It’s better when the door of the crate is equipped with several reliable closed locks or bars. It’s especially important if your pet is notable for its playful character and curiosity.

Many owners of four-legged friends wonder how to choose dog travel crates & kennels for air travel. For travels with pets by plane typically plastic carriers are used, but not all these products are suitable for it. That’s why when you’re going to such a travel with your pet, find out all the rules of dog transportation on board of the plane of the air company you need.

Zoobio: the very place to buy the best dog travel crates & kennels

In our website you’ll find a wide range of transportation accessories for four-legged pets of different sizes. For your comfort we’ve divided all the products into several categories. To buy dog travel crates & kennels you just need to add the goods you like to the shopping basket and fill in a short order form. We’ll deliver your purchases in the shortest time possible.

Specialists of our customer support service will gladly answer any of your questions about the products. Become Zoobio customer now and buy the best products for your pets with comfort.

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