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Information about manufacturer - Deukavallo

Deukavallo is high-quality food for horses manufactured by German company Cremer GmbH & Co. KG. It made its first steps in 1940s in Hannover. Today Cremer is an international company. Its Headquarters are in Hamburg. Cremer creates a large number of animal foods including products that meet horse’s needs perfectly well.

Deukavallo Products

  • Deukavallo Top Mix. This food contains corn and barley flakes and granules that are an excellent source of energy. With this product, an animal will get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. This food suits sport and walking horses.
  • Deukavallo Top E. This granulated product will become an excellent accomplishment to grain food. Its main advantage is a low amount of starch. This food is an energy source but its surplus can cause harm to a horse. Offering your horse Deukavallo Top E you’ll get it rid of problems connected with eating too much starch. This product is ideal for sport and walking animals.
  • Deukavallo Pferdemüsli. This food contains lucerne hay and thanks to it increases chewing activity. Moreover, it contains vitamins and minerals that an animal needs. This food is specially designed for sport and walking horses.
  • Deukavallo Cornmüsli. The peculiarity of this food is a low amount of protein and presence of components that support stomach function. The product is rich in vitamins and minerals which an animal needs. Moreover, food contains apples so even picky horses like it.
  • Deukavallo Kräutermüsli. This muesli with a mixture of herbs has a positive effect on respiratory system and metabolism. This product is ideal for sport and walking horses.
  • Deukavallo Strukturmüsli. Muesli contain lucerne hay, pieces of carrots, milk thistle oil, flax seeds, vitamins and minerals necessary for strong health and good mood. This food is suitable for elderly animals.
  • Deukavallo Sportmix. This muesli contain a lot of maize and milk thistle oil. It’ll become an excellent energy source. Vitamin E contained in food regulates oxidation-reduction processes, influences immunity, carbohydrate and fat metabolisms; enhances the effect from vitamins A and D3. Besides the product contains lysine – an essential amino acid necessary for growth, tissue regeneration, antibody, ferment and hormone emission. This food will meet the needs of a horse during intensive exercising.
  • Deukavallo Apfelmash. The product contains apples, wheat bran and flax seeds. It influences positively appetite, digestion and metabolism.
  • Deukavallo Getreidevital. Extruded maize and barley food can be easily digested and suits all horses and ponies. It prevents weight loss in elderly animals, brings exhausted animals back to normal, and gives a lot of energy to sport horses.
  • Deukavallo Leinvital. Extruded food with flax seed can be easily digested, has a positive effect on digestion and muscles formation. With its help, you can improve the productivity of female horses and performance of sport horses.
  • Deukavallo Mineral. This granulated food contains a special herb complex and a great amount of vitamins and minerals. It is sold in baskets of 8 kilograms and in sacks of 20 kilograms, so you can choose the packaging that would suit your needs.
Advantages of Deukavallo Products

Foods of this brand are made taking into account the fact that horses may have different needs and tastes. Therefore, you’ll certainly manage to choose the product, which will have a positive influence on your horse’s health and wellness and it will like it.

The Cremer Company sticks to strict quality standards. Respect to nature is among its priorities. Cremer has an environmentally friendly approach to natural resources consumption.

The company values is well-earned reputation and constantly updates its products. So, you can be sure that your horse will get the best.

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Online-shop consultants are always ready to help you with your choice and answer any of your questions concerning the products. You can proceed with the payment in any convenient way. Your purchase will be delivered in a short time.

Deukavallo and Zoobio do their best to bring joy to you and to your pets. Place your order and make sure, that buying from us is convenient and cost-effective.

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