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Information about manufacturer - Deukavalli

Under the brand Deukavalli feed supplements for horses are produced. The owner of the brand is German company Cremer GmbH & Co. It started working in 1946. It specialises in manufacturing and selling feed and other agricultural products. The company made its first steps in Hannover and today it works in different parts of the world including such countries as Bulgaria, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia. Among Cremer’s priorities eco consciousness and environmentally friendly approach to resources consumption.

Deukavalli Products

Under this brand, four products are manufactured: classic food supplement with herbs and treats with three fruit tastes – with apples, raspberries and bananas. Among those treats, there is one for sure that your horse will like.

Deukavalli products feature well-thought contents. Each ingredient really does for horse’s body a lot of good. For example, wheat bran is a source of protein with a good amino acid composition. They also contain Vitamins B. Among other advantages of wheat bran is a low amount of starch as surplus of this element is harmful for horses. Finally, this ingredient has a nice taste, what is extremely important when feeding a horse with poor appetite.

Barley is a very nutritious ingredient. It has 20% more energy than oats. Oats gives fast, “explosive” energy, while from barley horses get “slow” energy. This feature makes barley especially useful for animals that go in for classic kinds of sport. Nutritional elements of this ingredient can be 89% digested, that is a very good rate. Among other advantages of barley is a high amount of vitamin E and lysine – an amino acid that can’t be synthesized in a dog’s organism, i.

e. is essential. All tissues of a body consist of amino acids. If an animal doesn’t get essential amino acids with food, its health state gets worse.

Corn gives a horse much energy as well. Nutritional elements of this ingredient can be 80–90% digested. Corn is especially good for growing, young and sport animals.

Well-balanced contents and good taste make Deukavalli products an excellent treat for any horse. Purchasing such food supplement, you will bring your animal joy and make your relationships stronger.

Advantages of Deukavalli Products

Today Cremer is an international company, but it isn’t complacent and continues developing. Every day it lives up to its remarkable reputation by producing goods of an excellent quality. Due to this, horse owners choose its products again and again.

Almost all raw materials are bought from local suppliers. At all production stages thorough quality control is performed. As a result, we get a product that deserves you trust.

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