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Classic Bird

Information about manufacturer - Classic Bird

The brand Classic Bird belongs to German company HEGA GmbH. It was founded in 1900. Classic Bird is nutritious and healthy food, which birds like very much. Food produced under this brand is ideal value for money.

Classic Bird Products

Among products of this brand you can choose food for various kinds of birds, including:

  • exotic birds;
  • canaries;
  • wild birds;
  • parrots (there are foods made especially for large parrots and budgerigars).
Advantages of Classic Bird Products

Foods of this brand contain lots of useful elements, thanks to which birds will feel excellent and make you happy with their beauty. The contents of each mixture are thoroughly thought and comply with the needs of the bird, which the food was made for.

Oats contained in the products includes a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates as well as various vitamins and minerals. It improves digestive tract functioning.

In the products, there are different kinds of millet that complies with bird's’ nutritional needs. From red millet, birds get more carotene, from yellow one – vitamin B1.

Canary seed contained in Classic Bird foods is an excellent source of proteins.

It also gives energy to bird . At the same time, there is very little fibre there, so birds digest it easily.

Sunflower seeds is a nutritious component of food. Moreover, many birds just like them very much. Hemp seed is a source of fatty acids that have a beneficial impact on the state of paws and skin, reproduction and embryo development.

If you want wild birds come to your garden, just order for them a treat full of nuts. This delicious and nutritious treat will support birds at any time of the year, including cold winter, when they are especially vulnerable. You can also bring joy to wild birds giving them treats with dried insects that are a good source of animal protein.

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If you want to make purchases for birds without leaving your house, just contact Zoobio. Only the best of what different brands offer gets into our catalogue. Here you can find a wide range of Classic Bird products and purchase them at a favourable price. This will take you minimum time, as you can place your order just in a few clicks. Your purchases will make your birds happy and, as a result, you’re going to be happy too. Give your preferences to Classic Bird and order products of this brand right now.

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