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Information about manufacturer - Christopherus

Christopherus is German super-premium foods. They are made of thoroughly checked ingredients. They do not contain any artificial colourants, flavourings and preservatives, easy to digest.

Christopherus Products

For dogs, Christopherus offers a lot of product lines. This brand’s dry foods are a source of high-quality proteins, easily digested carbohydrates and fats. They are suitable even for pets with food intolerance.

Christopherus wet foods is a wide range of tastes and ingredients.

  • Classic series. Foods contain special proteins that animals with food intolerance or allergy can easily digest. Vitamins help dog’s organism to resist illnesses and make it healthy. These canned dog foods you can use separately or combine with dry food, flakes or rice.
  • Exclusive menu. Canned food contains unusual kinds of meat, for example, pheasant, wild boar or deer. Among the ingredients, there are also high-quality vegetable components (amaranth, parsnip). With these products your pet will get vitamins and premium class safflower oil that is an excellent source of fatty acids. Foods contain strong cancer protectors as well – squalene, for instance.
  • 100% pure, 100% taste. This category includes natural meat dishes that are suitable even for dogs with sensitive digestion. As sources of proteins, horse meat, buffalo or kangaroo meat is used. Broth makes it easier for an animal to eat the food.
  • Mini-menu. Contain sources of high-quality proteins: select poultry, beef, mutton, domestic poultry meat. As a source of carbohydrates, noodles or rice is used. Dishes are carefully cooked and packed cooled, so they preserve their taste and useful features of raw materials. This series is created for small breed dogs.

For cats, Christopherus produces dishes made from fresh meat and fish.

This delicious and healthy food can be easily digested. Taurine and carefully picked vitamins support animal’s health well.

Advantages of Christopherus Products

For dry food production, a compaction method is used: granules are formed due to the hydrothermal procession with starch. At the same time, pathological micro-organisms and fungus spores are killed. Granules come out porous and crunchy. It is comfortable for animals to chew them. Moreover, such food provides oral protection.

Well-balanced contents have positive effect on animals’ health. Fatty acids make a coat shiny, lower probability of arthritis, control the level of cholesterol in blood. Fructooligosaccharides strengthen bowels walls, improve bacterial flora. Due to optimal calcium level foods help to form healthy skeleton. Low amount of phosphorus decreases the chance of kidney problems.

Dry yeast improves digestion, reduces inflammation. Salmon oil encourages learning and slows down aging processes. There are no exotic additives in foods as Christopherus team thinks that they should be chosen for each dog individually after consulting with a vet.

Grain-free food line is becoming a real way out for dogs suffering from food intolerance. Moreover, among Christopherus foods you can find products for representatives of different ages. Your pet will get everything it needs at any life stage.

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On Zoobio, you can order food of this brand in a few clicks. We offer you affordable prices, online customer support and fast delivery.

Christopherus is the choice for those, who wants to give their pets the best. Give your preferences to the unique brand and your pet will thank you with its cheerfulness and a huge love.

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