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Information about manufacturer - Chipsi

Chipsi is one of the brands belonging to a German company JRS (J. Rettenmaier und Sohne). The history of this manufacturer started in 1878. The head office of the company is located in Rosenberg.

Under the brand Chipsi, mostly beddings for rodents, birds and reptiles are produced. These products are made of renewable plant raw material: wood, hay, maize, hemp fibre and straw.

Chipsi Products

  • Classic beddings. CHIPSI CLASSIC is a coniferous filler. It’ll allow to forget about dust and create a comfortable, close to natural, environment for your pet. You can also buy CHIPSI CLASSIC with apple, citrus and strawberry fragrance.
  • Beddings made of bark, straw and hay. This category includes CHIPSI FOREST FRESH – the filler is made of tree bark with fresh forest scent, CHIPSI FARMLAND –a very soft filler made of straw, and CHIPSI SUNSHINE — the filler is made of meadow hay that a small animal can even eat. Thanks to these products your pet is going to feel as if it lives outdoors.
  • Beddings made of hemp fibre. CHIPSI CLEAN and CHIPSI CLIMATE FLOOR will make the floor in your small pet’s house dry and will give it warmth. Beddings almost don’t fill air with dust. This is an ideal choice for the allergy-prone animals.
  • Beddings made of maize. Such filler is an optimal solution for those areas of the case where water can be found (for example, around the drinking bowl). Suitable for animals with long hair. CHIPSI FAMILY and CHIPSI MAIZE are heavier than classical coniferous fillers, but they absorb moisture better. If you like, you can purchase CHIPSI MAIZE-CITRUS – a product with fresh lemon scent.
  • Beddings made of cellulose. CAREFRESH Natural filler consists of fibre that absorbs moisture perfectly and eliminates odours effectively. The special feature of CAREFRESH Ultra bedding is enlarged length of fibres. With the help of the filler CAREFRESH Colors you can create a colourful environment for your pet. This product is available in two colours: pink and pale-blue. The bedding CAREFRESH Confetti is not only soft and eco-friendly, but also speckled. A rich variety of colours will give your pet’s shelter additional charm.
  • Material for games and building. Chipsi offers fibres that rodents will use to build nests and tunnels. If you want, you can buy a material with colourful particles.
  • Food for small animals. Meadow hay will become a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals for your pets. Thanks to it, rodents’ teeth will grind naturally. Moreover, hay has a positive effect on digestion.
Advantages of Chipsi Products

These beddings are fully natural without any chemical additives. They lock odours very well, absorb moisture and don’t fill air with dust. While processing plant raw materials, strict hygiene standards are followed. Among Chipsi beddings, you can choose products for:

  • hamsters;
  • guinea pigs;
  • ferrets;
  • rabbits;
  • rats;
  • mice;
  • chinchillas;
  • small and large parrots;
  • spiders;
  • snakes;
  • turtles and different big and small reptiles.
  • Buy Chipsi Online

    If you want to purchase natural, eco-friendly bedding, nest material or food inexpensively, contact Zoobio. We offer beneficial purchasing terms: wide range of Chipsi products, affordable prices, fast delivery. Online-consultants will answer all the questions about the brand and order terms.

    You can create an atmosphere in your pet’s cage that’ll bring it comfort and cosiness. To do so just give your preferences to Chipsi and place your order.

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