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Information about manufacturer - Chewies

Under the brand Chewies, dog snacks and food are produced. It belongs to the German company Pets Nature GmbH, which has been working since 1999. The founder is Martin Schupp.

The company makes products that increase the living standard of animals. The choice of dishes is really wide, so your pet will get a diversified diet that is delicious, useful for its health and easy to digest.

Chewies Products

  • Meat stripes. This product has only one ingredient – meat. You can offer your pet a treat made of beef, poultry, venison or kangaroo. Almost all stripes are made of qualitative German raw materials. They buy kangaroo meat from a reliable supplier from Australia.
  • Chewing treats from by-products. This category includes snacks from liver, chicken necks and wings, cow udders and others. Original taste and rich aroma drive dogs mad. Among the products from this line, you can choose a treat even for an allergy prone dog.
  • Bones for training. These treats are created specially for awarding your dog while training it. They are produced in various sizes so you can choose an ideal deli both for a large dog and for a small one. Tiny bones are even suitable for cats. Note that these treats were created together with nutrition and training specialists.
  • Rolls. This category includes delis that you can use as a reward for well-done exercises or just as a token of love. They contain large amount of meat and by-products. Moreover, they are a good source of useful mineral elements.
  • Treats for small dogs training. These tiny treats do not contain grains that can cause digestive problems. Special approach to the recipe is connected with the fact that representatives of small dog breeds often suffer from food intolerance.
  • Chicken snacks. You can offer your pet pure chicken meat, chicken with potatoes or with fruit. Chicken fillets are carefully dried, so the finished product preserves almost all useful features.
  • Treats made of deer and bull horns. These delis will help your pet to relax in unpleasant or tiresome situation, keep its teeth and gums healthy, become a good source of valuable mineral elements. Moreover, treats made of horns will be an excellent alternative to bones that your dog would gnaw in the wild.
  • Roots to chew. This product is made of hard Mediterranean wood. For dogs, this can be a toy and an oral care treatment at the same time.
  • Wet food. Due to the well-balanced contents of these products, dogs will get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutritional elements. Raw materials are carefully processed using soft technologies, so they preserve almost all beneficial features.
Advantages of Chewies Products

These products have been developed together with vets and dog nutrition specialists. Chewies wet food doesn’t contain meat or bone flour, by-products, soya, flavour intensifiers, flavourings or preservatives. Many snacks are made of pure meat.

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