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Information about manufacturer - CeDe

Holland Company CeDe was founded in 1954 in Tilburg as family business. In its development of bird products, fanciers and nutrition experts took part. In 2000, a modern manufacturing complex was opened in Evergem, Belgium. Today this company is a leader on the market of egg food for birds.

CeDe Products

The company produces food for a variety of birds, among them are:

  • canaries;
  • exotic birds;
  • lory parrots;
  • grass parrots;
  • pigeons;
  • wild birds;
  • birds, which eat insects and fruit.

Some fanciers use CeDe egg products for feeding young birds and during some time after their pairing season. However, these feeds are also beneficial during moulting. New feathering contains 80% of proteins. This means, there should be enough of it in the bird’s body.

The company produces treats, supplements and sand as well. These products will help you to take a better care of your feathered pets.

Advantages of CeDe Products

The company uses chicken eggs as a source of high-quality proteins.

This substance is inevitable for feathers, skin, bones, internal organs, and hormones and ferments contain it.

The base of all CeDe foods is unique egg granules that can be digested easily. As sources of easily digestible energy, glucoses, fructose and sucrose are used. Food is packed into sealed packages made of aluminium foil. Due to this packaging and sugar, food naturally stays fresh and qualitative.

In many of CeDe products, you can find dried insects. They also meet the birds’ need in animal food.

Buy CeDe Online

In order to purchase qualitative egg food for birds, contact Zoobio. In the catalogue, you’ll find the most popular CeDe products. Our prices are affordable and the speed of delivery will surprise you. If you would like to learn more about the brand or order terms, feel free to contact our online-consultants directly.

CeDe is high standards of quality for your birds’ health and wellness. Place your order and your pets will be grateful to you.

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