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Information about manufacturer - cdVet

German company cdVet Naturprodukte GmbH was created in the spring of 1999. Its founders are Clemens and Ulrike Dingmann. They realized that many animal diseases is the result of imbalanced diet. With innovation products from cdVet, your pets will get all the necessary elements. The result is animals’ wellness and excellent health.

CdVet Products

  • For farm animals. The company produces various products for pigs, cattle and domestic poultry.
  • For aquariums. CdVet offers microelements and various treatments for fish health as well as products that will help you to maintain high quality of water in the tank.
  • For birds. You can buy various pharmaceuticals and insect repellents.
  • For reptiles. For this category of pets, cdVet offers treatments that help to maintain hygiene.
  • For horses. This category includes feed, medicines, insect repellents.
  • For small pets. For your small pet, you can order pharmaceuticals, repellents, and also treatments for hygiene and disinfection.
  • For dogs. This category includes feed, treats, hygiene products and insect repellents. Among cdVet medicines you can find remedies for puppies, elderly and pregnant dogs, treatments for skin and coat, ears, heart, joints, liver, paws, teeth, etc.
  • For cats. You can purchase full-fledged cat feed and treats, pharmaceuticals, insect repellents.

The company makes a special category for fruit, vegetables, oils, microelements and other products for dogs and cats that are fed according to BARF system.

Your pet will get everything necessary and feel excellent. Note that cdVet offers special products for those animals that have just started according to BARF system.

Advantages of cdVet Products

The main aim of the company is excellent health and wellness of your pets. CdVet have entirely refused using any chemical additives and produce products made from natural ingredients only applying soft technology. As a result, they get treatments that support natural functions of the organism and influence positively vital actions in it. This strengthens animals’ health. CdVet products prevent allergy, oncological pathologies and other problems caused by the fact that too much chemicals get into animals’ bodies.

The company is developing and looking for non-standard solutions. For example, one of its unique products is Bach flower treatments that influence animals’ emotional state positively. The therapy based on these treatments was developed by an English scientist Edward Bach.

When producing cdVet products achievements of modern medicine are combined with the use of the best what nature could give.

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