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  • Trixie Parasite protection for cats   Order inexpensive!
  • Insect protection for cats   from Beaphar Online
  • Brand name products from Bogacare
  • Arava Parasite and insect treatments   at fair prices
  • Parasite control for cats   in high quality Bolfo
In this category you will find Parasite protection for cats by Top brands. Buy only the best Insect protection for cats . With Zoobio you can save lots of money.

Our Flea protection Bestsellers

  • Flea and Tick Reflective Collar for Cats is suitable for dogs over 12 weeks. The ...

    6,55 £*
    7,62 £*
  • Beaphar Duoprotect Line-ON for Cats is a care product for cats over 12 weeks. It supports the maintenance ...

    6,10 £*
    7,09 £*
  • The bogacare ANTI-PARASIT nonwoven collar with its pure Margosa concentrate provides effective protection to repel ...

    5,36 £*
    6,24 £*
  • active ingredient: diazinone effective for 5 months against fleas and ticks with elastic security strap Measurements: 35 cm Colour: brown The ...

    2,80 £*
    UVP 3,76 £*
  • The bogacare ANTI-PARASIT Collar for cats with its combination of pure Margosa and Geraniol provides ...

    5,24 £*
    6,10 £*
  • The Beaphar Flea and Tick Collar is suitable for dogs from 12 weeks. The active substances ...

    6,10 £*
    7,09 £*
  • bogacare ANTI-PARASIT Spot-on for cats is an effective, preventive parasite protection for cats weighing 1.5kg ...

    15,88 £*
    UVP 16,97 £*
  • Bogadual ANTI-PARASIT Spot-on for cats is an enhancing, preventive parasite protection for dogs with a ...

    12,77 £*
    14,84 £*
  • Beaphar Flea and Tick SPOT ON is suitable for cats aged 12 weeks, and provides ...

    8,88 £*
    UVP 9,42 £*
  • The new biological "Spot on" against ectoparasites like fleas, ticks, lice and other vermin. Applicative ...

    4,21 £*
    UVP 5,18 £*
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Insect controls for cats

Flea protection - Top quality products

Insect control for cats

While exploring nature, especially outdoor cats are facing many bugs. Hence, it is important for you to protect your darling against parasites and vermins and that you are able to directly intervene at such an infestation. Nowadays, there are various products for the protection against bugs for cats, so that you can keep away ticks, fleas and such things from your cat and keep your cat healthy at the same time. Not only bugs are annoying for you and your pet; there are fleas etc. which can pass from one animal to another, so that your dog or other small animal can also be affected by the bugs. In addition, bugs, such as ticks, can transmit dangerous diseases which at last resort can end deadly.

Order parasite and insect treatment for cats at Zoobio

You can find many products by the best manufacturers under the category “flea and tick protection” at the Zoobio online shop.

These were specifically developed for the control and protection against bugs. You can order products that are preventative or products which can be used in case of an infestation. The bug collar can be worn around the neck of your cat. It constantly emits specific substances onto the skin which prevents ticks from biting and makes fleas keep their distance. Furthermore, you can order the so-called spot-on for cats which are dripped onto the neck of your cat. Besides spray, the Zoobio online shop offers shampoo, powder and foam for cats. You can order your flea treatment for cats inexpensively online, so that you will be perfectly equipped within a few days and can provide your darling with an effective protection.

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