Cat hair removal (2 products)

In this category you will find Pet hair removal brushes and rollers for cats by Top brands. Buy only the best Cat lint brushes . With Zoobio you can save lots of money.
  • FURflex Fur Accumulator
    14,98 £*
    17,22 £*

    Availability: In stock

    Brand: FURminator
    Product type: Hair removal
    Package type: Single pack
    • Ideal for home and car!
    • Works on different surfaces!
    • Easy to collect loose animal hair!
  • FURflex Fur Sweeper Head
    15,13 £*

    Availability: Currently out of stock

    Brand: FURminator
    Product type: Pet hair removal brushes and rollers for cats
    Package type: Single pack
    • Removes loose pet hair easy & quickly!
    • No adhesive or tape!
    • 100% reusable!

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Pet hair removers

Hair removal - Top quality products

Upholstery brushes and lint removers for the removal of cat hair

Almost all cat owners know this problem - your darlings cat hair clings to the upholstered furniture, carpets and your clothing. Due the tiny barbs of every single hair these are not often and easily removed with the regular vacuum cleaner or the washing machine. Special upholstery brushes and lint removers are the perfect solution for the removal of cat hair. Nowadays, they are available in many different designs. Due to the easy handling of the upholstery brushes and lint removers, you can finally free your clothing, blankets, furniture and carpets from your cat's hair very softly and without damaging them.

Order upholstery brushes and lint removers at Zoobio

If you are also fed up with the cat hair on your couch, the carpet, your bed linen or your clothing, then you came to the right place at the Zoobio online shop. You can find extra hair removal brushes as well as practical lint removers which were especially designed for the soft removal of animal hair.

The removal of your cats’ or dogs’ hair is no longer a problem with these products and your upholstered furniture, clothing as well as blankets and carpets are finally freed from annoying hair. The breed of your darling or the length of its fur does not matter for the application. Besides the ergonomic shaped brushes which are working conveniently in both directions, there are also handy upholstery brushes with the same characteristics. These can be used perfectly at home, on travels, in the car or while on the way. In addition, the lint removers made by the best brands work reliable and magically attract cat hair. There are special silicone lint removers which can be washed after their use or sticky removers with a double-sided adhesive tape which you can easily tear off after application.

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