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Low calorie cat food

Overweight can cause quite a number of diseases: diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, arthritis etc. That’s why if your four legged friend is prone to obesity, it’s necessary to think out its diet properly. First of all such a pet needs a low calorie cat food. The given product will help your pet to keep fit and provide it with nutrients.

Kinds of low calorie cat food

  • Wet feeds. These are patés with soft texture or delicious pieces in sauce, jelly or gravy etc. Such products are represented in the product range of Almo Nature, Miamor and other trademarks.
  • Dry feeds. These croquettes often contain special substances contributing to fat burning, for example, L-carnitine. Such feeds are produced under various brands, in particular, Brit, Hill’s, Royal Canin, Josera.
  • Snacks. These are dry, jerked, baked and other delicacies enriched with vitamins and minerals. Such products are available, for instance, under the trademark Beaphar.

2 advantages of low calorie cat food

  1. As a rule, the given diets contain a lot of protein and little carbohydrates. It contributes to your pet’s weight reduction without muscle loss.
  2. Low calorie cat feeds are more often made on the basis of highly digestible meat: chicken, turkey, rabbit and etc.

Low calorie cat feeds at Zoobio

In our online store there is a big choice of high quality products for pets prone to obesity. With us you can buy a low calorie cat food having got a consultation of competent specialists of our customer support service beforehand. And if the goods don’t suit you, you will have an opportunity to return it to us. Give your preferences to reliable shopping and make purchases at Zoobio right now.

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