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Information about manufacturer - Cat's Best

Cat's Best is a brand created by a German company J. Rettenmaier und Sohne. Its history started in 1878. The company produces a variety products including pet products. Cat's Best is granulated sawdust litter for cat trays. They are related to category of clumping ones. Cat’s Best contains minimum amount of processing additives necessary for clumps formation. This litter is softer and lighter than many of its equivalents. The company offers several types of litter, so you can easily choose the one your cat likes best of all.

Cat’s Best Products

  • CAT'S BEST ÖkoPlus. This unique litter absorbs moisture and odours due to ultrathin natural fibres in it. You’ll have to change the litter completely only once in 4-6 weeks.
  • CAT’S BEST GreenPower. This natural litter not only locks smells effectively, but it is also very soft, what cats with sensitive paws will certainly like. The product runs out very slowly: primary content of the tray can last even for 8 weeks!
  • CAT’S BEST NatureGold. Tiny granules of this litter are heavier than, for example, CAT'S BEST ÖkoPlus, that’s why they stick to hair less. Ideal for long-haired cats. You’ll have to change the litter once in 4-6 weeks.
  • CAT’S BEST Comfort. This product blocks bad smell for a long time. This litter is soft so cats with sensitive paws will like it. Moreover, it doesn’t fill the air with dust, due to this it is suitable for cats with sensitive breathing organs.
  • CAT’S BEST Universal. The litter is suitable for cats, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds. If different animals live in your house, then CAT’S BEST Universal is the best choice.
Advantages of Cat’s Best Products

The products under this brand are very cost-effective. Using them regularly, you’ll realize, that you spend less money on them than on other litter that cost less, but run out much faster.

Cat’s Best products are made of unprocessed timber of pine and fir-tree. These materials are eco-friendly and biodegrade naturally. There are no artificial fragrances and flavourings in the product.

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On the website Zoobio, you can choose and purchase litter from one of the best brands. To do so, you’ll need only a few minutes: just study the product range, add a suitable item into the cart and place your order. If you face some difficulties with making a choice, our online-consultants will be glad to help you. You’ll be happy with our loyal prices and fast delivery.

Let the Nature take care of your pets’ hygiene. Choose natural litter Cat’s Best and order it right now.

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