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Information about manufacturer - Canina Pharma

Canina Pharma Company was created in Germany in 1984. Ingrid Spanke is its founder. Before this company’s production appeared, food supplements had never been sold in pharmacies. Nowadays the manufacturer produces more than 150 items and sells them, apart from Germany, in 40 countries.

Canina Pharma Products

The company manufactures the following goods for cats and dogs:

  • skin and coat care;
  • for teeth, bones and joints;
  • for immune system and digestion;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • anti-parasitics;
  • products for young animals (milk replacer, porridge, that you can give to animals from third week, supplement for skeleton and teeth development);
  • treatments for taking care of eyes, ears, antiseptics and so on.

Among Canina Pharma products for birds there are vitamin remedies, treatment to make moulting easier. For small animals, multivitamins and homeopathic medicines are produced.

Besides, the company manufactures various goods for horses: shampoo for sleek hair, treatments for horses injuries, horse insect repellent, magnesium for nervous system stabilization, etc.

Advantages of Canina Pharma Products

This manufacturer’s products are made from natural ingredients. High-quality components included in Canina Pharma feed supplements are the guarantee of your pets’ health and full development. These products are used by leading European fanciers.

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Your pet deserves being healthy and happy. Make your decision on Canina Pharma and your pet will enjoy its life and bring joy to you.

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