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Information about manufacturer - BIOPUR

BIOPUR is a German company which produces bio foods for dogs and cats. It uses only high quality organic agricultural products as raw materials.

BIOPUR products

The company creates the following product lines for dogs:

  • Wet foods for dogs of different ages. Among these products you’ll surely find the one which meets all the requirements of your pet at the given life stage.
  • Dietary foods. These foods are perfect for animals with kidney and heart diseases or digestive disorders.
  • Foods for vegetarian dogs. The basis of such food is soya and they have all the nutrients necessary for the animal to live a productive life.
  • Food supplements. They help you to take care of your pet especially if you choose for it BARF feed system.
  • Treats. In the category there is pastry and sausages made of organic lean beef. It’s a perfect variant for rewarding your pet.

BIOPUR products for cats are:

  • Wet foods. They satisfy all the cat’s nutritional needs.
  • Dietary foods. They ease or eliminate symptoms of various diseases.
  • Food supplements. It’s an additional source of vitamins and minerals for your pet. It matches with BIOPUR foods well.
  • Treats. The company offers cats traditional meat treats which are thoughtfully cut by hand.
Advantages of BIOPUR products
  • The company gets raw materials from carefully selected farms all over Germany.
  • BIOPUR uses technologies which keep all the nutrients in natural ingredients.
  • The foods of this company don’t have any chemical additives, but include all the components which animals need every day: qualitative protein, fibre, taurine and so on.
  • The results of the latest researches are taken into consideration in the process of making up new recipes.
  • BIOPUR exercises a thorough control at every production stage. As the result your pet gets foods of the perfect quality.
  • Buy BIOPUR products online

    To buy high quality organic foods at a reasonable price, just contact Zoobio. Here you’ll find a wide range of BIOPUR products. To place an order, you need to spend only a few minutes. We’ll answer all the questions and deliver the food as soon as possible.

    Bio Foods are foods which will make your pet healthy and happy. Take care of your pet and decide on BIOPUR and Zoobio.

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