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Information about manufacturer - Beso

Natural treats for dogs and cats are produced under the trade name Beso. These products are a wonderful supplement to your pet’s everyday diet.

Beso products

  • Treats made of fish. In the category there are products both for dogs and cats. Fish is a source of qualitative protein and is notable for Omega 3 fatty acids which have a positive effect on immunity and the condition of skin, hair and claws. With these products your pet can also get magnesium which is necessary for growth and strengthening skeletal system, muscle work and various fermentation processes.
  • Treats made of beef. The category has delicacies produced from cattle head skin and treats made of beef tripe, lungs, ears and tendon. When the dog is eating such treats, its teeth become clean and jaw muscles become stronger.
  • Treats made of pork. The company offers trotters and bones. It takes your dog a lot of time to finish these treats. It’s an excellent choice if you want to indulge your pet with delicacies which look like its own prey. You can also offer the animal pig’s ears by Beso. Chewing this treat contributes to teeth cleaning.
  • Treats made of chicken. In the category there are chicken legs and wings. These crispy treats are perfect for overweight dogs. Moreover, the given delicacy is suitable for animals which are intolerant to pork and beef.

You can also indulge your pet with unusual treats, for example, with those made of rabbit or buffalo.

Advantages of Beso products

If you want your pet to get natural treats without colouring agents and preservatives, products of the given brand will be a wonderful solution. Raw materials for them are treated carefully with the help of special technologies and that's why they keep almost all the vitamins and minerals.

You pets won’t gnaw and chew your shoes and furniture as they will be busy with delicacies by Beso. Note that the treats are made with the help of special technologies. Such delicacies are absolutely safe unlike usual bones which can do lots of harm to the animal’s gastrointestinal tract.

Buy Beso products online

You can’t afford spending lots of your time on searching high quality pet treats, can you? Buy all you need in the Zoobio right now! In the catalogue you’ll find a great number of useful and appetite delicacies by Beso. Bright photos and detailed information about characteristics and advantages of the products will help you to make a good choice.

To make your purchase you should put treats in the cart, leave the necessary payment information and place your order. We’ll deliver all the delicacies in the shortest time so that you can bring joy to your four legged friend. If you need to learn more about placing an order and guarantees, ask our experts all the necessary questions.

Note our low prices. You can indulge your pet with minimum expenses. Don’t miss a chance to get a great bargain. Choose and place an order for Beso products right now!

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